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T. M. J News Tomato six a week and a day until the Brewers start play, at least in game. The count of standing sports with Brian D. Happens at 8 15 Despite major downsizing, it is still a sizable security budget necessary to pull off the Democratic National Convention. The city of Milwaukee is earmarking just over $40 million for security costs. The city wasn't lying to receive a federal grant worth 50 million for expenses. Milwaukee BUSINESS Journal says Milwaukee has spent just over five million on police Department expenses. Hundreds of thousands will be spent each on vehicles, mobile command, post and bicycles. The city also plans to spend over 12 million for help from outside police agencies. Tony Bedrock W T. M. Jane is a new bill in Madison would make it a felony for defacing or destroying a statue. Those found guilty could get 3.5 years in prison, plus a $10,000 fine. The measure comes after protesters rip down the statue of Wisconsin abolitionist Hans Christian Haig. This was another one, embodying the state's forward model last month during protests. That measure does have bipartisan support to American astronauts are spacewalking to upgrade the international space station's power grid. With astronauts Bob Banking and Chris Cash and you're coming down the home stretch of a 3.5 year process to replace the space station's old solar batteries. It's their third spacewalk in less than a month, with one more to go next week. Banking is one of the two astronauts who arrived in late May aboard the space X Dragon thes spacewalks were a big part of why there's day has been extended into the summer. Assuming today's and next week's go is planned Bank and Cassidy will become the third and eighth most experienced spacewalkers in history. In terms of ours. Both will have done 10 spacewalks. Peter King. CBS NEWS Orlando Ah, HIGH PROFILE Twitter Heck targeting politicians, celebrities, leaders of some of the largest companies in the world ABC News chief Business and economics correspondent Rebecca Jarvis. This was a massive attack, the first of its kind, a coordinated attack, targeting some of the biggest accounts on Twitter and those of Joe Biden, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Barack Obama and Kanye West, among others. All sending to their followers. B of the hackers A note to send money. Send Bitcoin the FBI warning. This was a scam perpetrated by some hackers out there. This is part of a hoax and not to fall for it..

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