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And hating the same team within maybe thirty seconds of each other. It means I'm doing my job. Well. I'm absolutely straddling the middle line. So what I do gotta remain objective. Gotta look at every topic from every angle and as much as I will tell you over and over again that I do not believe fan. Interference was the right? Call in the first inning. On the Jose altuve. Hit. I believe it should have been a home run at the very least a ground rule double popped back into the field of play. But that's not the call the empire. Made major league baseball confirmed it on replace essentially saying we don't have enough evidence to overturn it. It was in the first inning. It's not why the Astros lost. Thirteen runners stranded on the base paths. So many critical moments in the late stages. Opportunities to get tying run home or to cut into the lead. And then of course, the bases loaded. Bottom of the night. The catch of Andrew Benintendi career. Probably one of the top defensive plays of the season. Based on the stakes and the stage. And the fact that it puts the Red Sox one win away from the World Series. I appreciate all your tweets right now Ayla radio as well. As your messages on Facebook about the interference call what should be the role. How should they handle a situation like this? It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio inside the Quicken Loans studios. National mortgage lender, Quicken Loans, apply simply understand fully mortgage confidently. Chris posts on Facebook can Facebook get a picture of you playing chubby bunny. Yes. Short. Facebook can and will get a picture of us as a crew in the chubby bunny championship when it happens. Your host has a confession to make. So we did our latest edition of pre law. There was a cameo made by the marshmallows, and I'll let you watch it to understand. What happens? I think I explained it pretty well. So either on our Facebook page or on Twitter, my Twitter or our show Twitter after hours CBS. Man. He actually thinks it's his fault. That's the best part. You just have to watch the video to understand. So check it out. Hey, we're getting close to week in the NFL. Excited about that. We've got major QB news. Did you know if the Brock Tober? Brock tober. I'm just going with the reports. Is that a new report or is that an old report? And then we had another full solit- of games in the NBA of teams with their season debuts including the Toronto Raptors and one Kawhi Leonard. But for an hour talking about the drama from the Red Sox and the Astros and will continue to get more of the post game reaction as we head through the next couple of hours. It's not been that long that the game ended. Now, it didn't stress to the thirteenth inning dodgers and brewers game four that was still on the air when we were starting our show on Tuesday night. You know, what I did all day Wednesday typically, it would be sleeping catching up my sleep. Once I get through writing my column on Tuesday, that's kind of the official end to my football weekend. And then Wednesday is.

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