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We are back on the program, and so glad you're with us. Spencer hall has joined us just in time, Spencer into Aung has has a summer gone pretty good. I had to recharge by retards my third coast, my Alabama. So it was in orange beach. Alabama was like, where can I go that pretty much like the most SEC beach destination possible. And you know the home of the floor Bama lounge was pretty much the best answer I had. So you were you were there, I'm assuming on vacation. Yeah, you know, for the weekend doing counters vacations, I don't think they do. I think that's cheating. So now that you're back. At least in college football is anything going on. I haven't really been paying attention the last two weeks now nothing's going on, especially in the big ten. Can you not laughing. I was on a show earlier and I, in Jim, Delany had a quote, and he's in Peru, which probably a pretty good place to be climbing mountains. And I like Jim very much as the Commissioner, but can you really bring him into this conversation? I mean, what? What does the Commissioner of the big ten really have to do with urban Meyer or the situation at Maryland? Well, the Commissioner, the big ten really has very little to do with it because we live in an Arctic in an anarchic political environment in college football, right. Even the commissioners have what is somewhat limited power over their conference members and hand over their football coaches, football coaches, very greatly in terms of the control sway and political power. They hold on campus. Right. So when you're talking about, well, Jim Delany should do something about the big ten. You know about this, this mess, they've got, Well, I, I would answer your. With another question, what what can he do? Right? We don't exactly know. You know that some schools matter more conferences than others, we know that some commissioners more powerful than others. Right. I would dare say Jim Delaney's probably on the long side of the scale in terms of power, right relative to someone like Larry, Scott, the in the Pac twelve. I think that what can he do? I, I think one his most important job is getting money for the conference, but to PR and you know, there should be way more proactive about this in terms of countering what I think could be justifiably negative perception of the conference. Overall, in terms of I dunno, treatment of student athletes management staff, right? Pick whatever you like. Because victims got the ball right now talking to Spencer hall who has an affinity for college football in the rumor is significant affinity for the university of Florida. I don't know that's ever been revealed before Spencer. So. Having Seth attainable here for you to sit down and eat. What about the Gators this year. Oh, this is the best kind of year. 'cause there's absolutely no expectation. Right. That's especially true. That's the greatest kind of year. Isn't it? Like this is what are your expectations? None. Everything will be surprised even like we're looking forward to new forms of mediocrity, right? Where we're tired of the old form of mediocrity. For instance. I don't know if the defense completely collapsed this year, but the offense managed to pick it up. We'd be excited to score. I don't know more than seventeen points in a big game booth twenties, like the two and the ten digit on the scoreboard at Florida. It's got dust on it. It's rusty. I don't know if the bulbs work, it'd be cool to see if all those little LED's alight up for sport. Dare I say over twenty points thirty. Dare to dream Paul new- mediocrities that's what we're looking forward to and on a series, they're trying to figure out who the quarterback is and where to put people that's year one, right? Get some recruiting onto your belt panicking a little bit about that right now. But I think it's a little too early to do that, especially with Georgia like setup plowing through every single piece of talent in not only. Joe, but in the SEC is a whole of that's going to take some time to turn around. I would just go ahead..

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