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Com. KCBS news time eleven twenty one. More tech companies are getting into the housing market, the Chan's Zuckerberg initiative Facebook, the San Francisco foundation Genentech and others are now backing a fund that intends to build or preserve more than eight thousand homes in the bay area in the next five to ten years the half a billion dollar fund is expected to pay for projects in San Francisco Santa Clara, San Mateo Alameda, and contra Costa counties has five of the nine bay area counties. And it's for residents making up one hundred fifty percent of the local area median income. It's the latest attempt to do something about the affordable housing shortage and in Richmond. That city has agreed to pay nearly six hundred sixty thousand dollars in a settlement with nine elderly and disabled public housing. Tenants over substandard living conditions of the hacienda housing complex. The tennis say that their homes were overrun by rodents and also roaches roof leaks. Mold the head of the Richmond housing authority admitted the hacienda was uninhabitable. A legal challenge that was holding up more than six billion dollars in funds for road and transit improvements in the south bay has been rejected by the California Supreme Court KCBS is my call and says that means a host projects can now move forward. It means finally the pairing potholes that are sitting -ly everywhere on south bay roads with one point two billion over the thirty year life of measure, b that's a lot of potholes to fix. That's a lot of safety improvements for motorists whether you're on four wheels or two wheels. Who know that you not only have a more dangerous ride with potholes, but you have a more expensive ride because you use more gas. You have your car out of alignment, you have all the other problems associated with the bumpy conditions of our local streets and roads called Borodino seal. The Silicon Valley leadership group led the measure B fight another big winner is those of us who have been waiting for decades for the Bart extension into San Jose. And Santa Clara, this is to bring it into downtown San Jose in the city of Santa Clara with one point five billion in local funds measure also includes nine hundred fourteen million for countering. The Silicon Valley bureau by Colgan KCBI. A new effort is underway to reduce gridlock on the peninsula. KCBS is Margie Schaefer reports on a campaign called carpool two point. Oh by.

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