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My titles. Guerrero's here. I wrestled. Veto Junior. Okay. I wrestled Eddie. I wrestled. A lot of props like he? Got Him at with or. Steal some Mr Mrs Guerrero. Go to the gym. Naseeruddin in in and look at Eddie really a high I had a picture of back in the days with him in the worry to Siempre and So I I wrestled daddy and then I was in the of trouble Guerrero Juniors Dot Com. Yeah. Those are two hundred and I had a good relationship with Charles Travel Senior night the days when we're using buddies, he was crazy. It was just a fucking party line now I gotta hear this wh. Yeah. Dope we did a coat. We did are the things we carry guns with. Osha. Really, we did your harkening. Back then or It was the best thing because there was no fucking social media also. fucking drama. You A lot of subjects. A from one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, Nice Nice Oh flamboyant gangster Aso. fucking. Days. Where are you I? What school did you? GotTa. tried. To allow biker. All those things. Want myself just exotica stay coming out. That is fun we'll sexual know. How What school did you go to hear Lamar Oh Helen? Mentally, this win to riverside junior and then I went to Sokoto Highschool Oh. Look alike. I could see why the fucking. There was nothing. Those Aisles party though. was in Andre under the giants last last toward me. Oh. Realize matches I talked to. Sit Down and his labs and I looked he would love me to dance him and I would do always show bio he had to beards in it for can had. To like this. And he used legendary as far as drinking. So I was a I had the privilege to be in rope within sometimes for the most part because I knew. English and then feel lazing was there and he was Canadian so they talked frayed as well. Fun. So yeah, and then this thing, a lot of people don't know about one of the matches. He had an acting. And he is he I think Dr Wachner took him like on a sunset flip from the top rope Oh and when he sat down on Wagner's shares. Shit Oh referred it. He I think he had an exit. Bachar. Off. Shit a little. Bit. And then somebody stole his gear in the dressing room. No. Draws right how? He was he he was we were going to throw in he had a lot of matches steel. So in in our house where we used to live with the Hannele, Bonilla Flower and myself with the handle. And we had our own seamstress. So we had to like that night we stayed up in her because I used to help out and I used to make all my. and. So we were like, what size what the fuck are. We, we needed a single it and it was going to be read because that's the only fabric we had. And we were like Holy Shit will no no I it's like A. Call. So we did we made the singlet I typically him the next day it fit perfectly in those good for the for the rest of the tour I've heard I heard and that he was very criticized because when he came down from the airplane he was. came. Back. Right yeah. Like oh meet. The. He's all beat up and stuff he was even now with A. Story they were saying like when he would wrestle that I didn't know if you're GonNa beat them you know how everything was predetermined he'd be like Okay I'll let you beat me or whatever. He'll to pass the torch bright like he was wrestling. I guess Hulk Hogan they were saying. He didn't know he was going to let him. He was like I don't know if I'm GonNa win yeah he was like well fuck it just body slammed my ego gets in the way. Yeah. Well, especially when you're what does he seven three or seventy five? He was Hughes. Nice, Guy. Yeah. He was very nice always. Use a sweetheart. That's always. Cool and everybody would talk with them is what I would hear that he would have the worst time because people I mean you're a big dude as it is so the euro wrestler. So everybody's GonNa want to get a little liquid courage why Fuck. With a giant. Bonus. I. Think I've heard a story where he had sat down and drank like thirty six beers at one time before a match just because just a Tuesday. That's a while not love. Alaba crews, and it's a hot city uh-huh and he had a case right there next to him and he'll getting from two and two years. At a time to us. That's a fucking monster. Bro, and he will go wrestling nothing and comeback in the dressing room and start drinking again. He's I did that life for many years that was back then you party was like insignia the party retain. He. Dansk. The way it was back in the day you would kind of need that just to to recover for your body of no. Custody function because we were in fucking pain and we were all doctors in the dressing room. Carry like shots and we had like Vietnamese house in for the pain and or we had a ball, my eyes and all this stuff appeals and all this stuff because we were own radicals, we sprained ankles and stuff. So we had to survive people. We, learn from each other. We learn and back. Then also he was very ugly when the new ones came along we've got Hazem or when somebody was being the the the. Being the big shed or thinking shit like sometimes in the Toronto Communists we put Shit on one of the masks on the guys off. And the guy was looking for his masculine and we weren't going to give it to him until he was already like announced like. This way role. They were going to give he was going to do this. When he did that. Is Judy fault before. Then sometimes they used to cut the bottom part of the. tote bags and stuff. Okay. So they used to pick up their stuff everything follow. and. Then they used to lower the toll bags before. So fucking that's it was ugly. With what chased back in your in your back. With what I? All I've had that before. That's the way they would. I'm your commute the way they were to baptize you with what you in your back in your but everybody everybody there wasn't the off. Why if you WANNA fight after that? You don't even want to invite your magic shower this year was like. Fuck. That shit is fucking y'all Seltzer. Don't. They cry too much just piss on. Don't even. was crying about just pissed on them. So the Legends always been as far as people for the wrestler always wear masks they usually all you're supposed to wear twenty, four seven so you'll never know or whatnot. Is that is that is that true or is it just like whatever you show up.

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