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Seven from time to time we like to bring out the Bob Surratt record collection and this morning we've got something in honor of the sixty second annual Grammy awards that'll be happening Sunday night the number of categories has varied throughout Grammy history this year there are eighty four but that number does not include a very particular category that only existed for one year nineteen eighty that was the disco music classifications and this morning from my record collection will play a little bit of the one and only record to win the disco Grammy involved that was really a throwaway tune that almost ended up in the dustbin of music history instead it became what many people consider the most in spy ring and most important disco head of all time we'll get to that in just a second here but I have to take a walk downstairs where mayor record collection is stored as it once again with radio Dave our staff all these years warning you got hi yeah we just want to set the mood for the song we're about to celebrate by the way does Mrs Serrano how many thousands of disco records you've got hidden away down here well not only revealed your secret were full of disco fever as we relate the story of the first and only record to win the Grammy disco award Gloria Gaynor's I will survive it dates back to the late nineteen seventies when top forty radio DJs such as you and I got to pick the records we played rather than being stuck with whatever the station's consultants told us we had to spend this was during an era when forty five RPM records were how new singles got released to radio stations the songs that were supposed to be the hips and we were supposed to play run the a sides of these records decides we usually just something thrown together as filler in October nineteen seventy eight the poly door record label issue the Gloria Gaynor forty five with a song titled substitute as the featured a side then about two months later around Christmas time nineteen seventy eight a lot of radio DJs flipped over that Gloria Gaynor forty five and discovered a much better song on the B. side I will survive a legendary it was launched it peaked at number one rock and number for rhythm and blues on the Billboard magazine singles charts in nineteen seventy nine Grammys on our music from the previous year that's how I will survive qualified for and won the nineteen eighty award for best this call record we just off your forty five RPM copy of I will survive in place if it that'll give you just enough time to boogie back to your WGN radio broadcast booth into your group thank you go news room what what's the matter Pam Jones is out of control and here he is she is due in the old you know up and down at the head the finger thing yeah our whole disco move our archivist in the record collection down in the sub basement was wearing a white suit and he had the he had the disco balls and the flashing lights strobes this morning we appreciate that Gloria Gaynor and the first and only song to win a Grammy for the best disco record the Grammys drop the disco category year later in nineteen eighty one thank mistake though because of all the anti disco backlash they got from music fans who were not fans of disco.

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