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MTA Graham, WW J, NewsRadio nine fifty Bank Attiyah wind chill warning until eleven this morning dangerously cold this early morning, we get the AccuWeather forecast. Now from the family, heating, cooling and electrical weather center. Here's Carl babinski on this Thursday morning bundle up as you head out. It's going to be brutally cold. There's a wind chill warning in effect until eleven AM. We're expecting a low of sixteen below zero in Detroit the previous record for today's date. The thirty first of January seven below that occurred in one thousand nine twenty obviously as of midnight, we smash that record the window. Make it feel like it's close to forty below at times later today. Still bitterly cold of clouds, some sun and a high of one above but the wind will make it feel much colder tonight cloudy. Bit of snow expected late especially in areas south of Detroit there can be slick road conditions. Low five below for tomorrow, mostly cloudy, not as cold in the afternoon. A high of eighteen sun followed by clouds, Saturday afternoon, snow showers with a high of thirty six and believe it or not Sunday will be in the upper forties on AccuWeather meteorologist Carl babinski on W w j NewsRadio nine fifty Roseville with a clear sky twelve below zero for Lansing. It's mostly cloudy, minus thirteen clear skies for Detroit minus nine we update. Traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the it's the only way you can take w j NewsRadio nine fifty with. You is the radio dot com app. Download it today and listen to us anytime anywhere a dusting off. No before you, go, traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the aids.

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