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Hey, So, uh, Yesterday we started to talk about the documentary on YouTube on Paris Hilton's YouTube channel called This is Paris on DH. We actually both Holly and I got to watch the whole thing. We have some thoughts about it. This is the Colleen and Bradley Show my talk 1071 streaming live at my talking 1071 dot com Everything entertainment? Colleen Lindstrom Bradley trainer is not here. He's doing his civic duty and he's ah He's on jury duty, and we have challenged him to sit in the waiting room and sing the theme Tonight. Court repeatedly We'll see how they go slap in the air, just slap their base. But Holly and I were here with you and Holly. You had started watching it actually, like, almost right when it came out. The Paris Hilton documentary. This is Paris and I powered through it between last night and this morning. It's about an hour and a half, two hours. Long hour 40 minutes. Yeah. And it is truly It is Paris Hilton unlike you've ever seen her And, you know, we started to hear rumors about we knew we were gonna learn about something traumatic in her past in this documentary. But we didn't know what that was going to be necessarily. But it was going to explain a lot about the character of Paris Hilton and why we know her in the way that we know her. Yes. So that reveal has been teas for the past month. And I would say a couple of weeks ago, Paris revealed what she was actually going to share in this documentary, which was she had a traumatic experience. At this place called Provo Canyon School, which is, I guess for a lack of Ah, better description. A kind of a scared straight school, Right? Like almost like I would almost call it like a reform school. But not yes, It's probably not the right No, the way that they describe themselves now, which, by the way, Provo Canyon School is under new ownership than when Paris went there about 20 years ago. They're billing themselves as a compassionate behavioral health center in Provo, Utah. Interesting. Interesting. I will say right there on their website, it says. We're aware of a new documentary referencing Provo Canyon School. Please note that Provo Canyon schools sold by its previous ownership in August of 2000. We therefore cannot comment on the operations there. Patient experience prior to that time, were committed to providing high quality care to use with special on often complex emotional, behavioral and psychiatric needs. So essentially, yes to your point. This was supposed sort of build, and it wasn't her first experience her parents because they were concerned about the kind of party girl Image that she was portraying and not only the image that you know she was wanting to live in the nightlife. You wanted to be in the clubs during their her socialite years in New York. She wanted to be out at the clubs and her parents did not want They were very strict, and they did not want that for her. And so they sent her to a number of different like types of work kind of camp situations to try toe. And a straightener out. They they say they didn't know what else to dio on DH. Then this Provo Canyon School was one of the things and she suffered a ton of abuse at this. In this programme, and so did other colleagues of hers or classmates of hers at that time, and and you learn about them and you meet them in the documentary is well. So the whole documentary is set up. Essentially revealing the Paris Hilton that we didn't know the real Paris Hilton. So that's the whole set up of the documentary, and it goes on the journey of her whole life. You see footage of Paris Hilton when she was a child that we've never seen before. She kind of goes into detail about some of her family members in the way that she was raised. It also goes into her business empire as it is currently she's an international deejay. She has makeup lines. It goes and follows her around and just kind of shows how she's on the road all the time, and that she's lonely. She's suffering from insomnia and some issues that she says stem from her time at Provo Canyon School. So it's an interesting story that Paris Hilton is trying to say. But ultimately I left the documentary feeling like They were trying to do too much in an hour and 40 minutes. I so agree in that needle will be more focused. I so agree with you. And it means we wonder if It doesn't seem as though they set out to tell the story that they ended up telling No. And so I'm curious about what the original premise was of this documentary. And why and how it took the turn. It took and how they decided Tio kind of presented in the way that they did because to me, just the story of her. Time at that school. Was a premise for a documentary, but they tried to cram a lot of other things in it. They talked at length about the sex tape that put her on the map and what that was like for the family. What was interesting is they interviewed Kathy Hilton and Nikki Holton's so her mom. And her sister. Her father is not interviewed know and also not. Neither is Nicole Richie, right, her co star on the On the Simple Life and What is interesting, though, is they talked at length about the character that she created. That we all thought was the real Paris Hilton. This sort of ditzy baby talking blonde with kind of catch phrases, and she, she explains that that was sort of a creation..

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