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These little shrimp that you have captured inside of this glass ball and the reason this relates to robert the doll is that there are people who contact me all the time and they say robert the doll is being treated like a prisoner he has he's he's being kept in this cage and this museum in key west florida he's in a glass box isn't he well yes yes and i look at these little shrimp that i have and i think to myself to be honest with you i went to red lobster tonight yeah well they say these can live for at least ten twenty thirty years i mean the they can potentially procreate then they don't get big what do they eat well they eat the algae you know they're like little sima eventually what happens if the algae dies off in this thing can you can you get into it no i can't get into goodbye shrimp yeah well you know they they will probably outlive me and and so robert the doll is kinda like one of those shrimps using because he's sitting there in this glass enclosure and there are people who contact me and they say god roberts must hate being treated like a prisoner and i say just the opposite robert the doll is living the big large life right now i mean he everybody loves him people respect him more than ever and he does have some sense of life i think and so when people walk into that room where robert the doll lives then they stop and they say robert i'm so sorry to bother you about i would like your permission to take a photograph with you and everything goes fine and so i think robert the doll is doing better than ever and what we have to understand is if he weren't in that environment who knows he could be a dumpster right now has he ever left that glass enclosure on his own o on well yeah on his own he has he's he's gotten out some types hasn't he well there was a flood that museum at one point so i'm told by some of the past curator's.

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