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Proved people wrong it means you've been in the White House in in many contentious reporting goggles there what's the mood in DC today cummings is going to be hard to replace but it's very clear that the also has called Elijah Cummings racist you also said that it's just was rodent infested so it is in because we always thought they were called the police the police will call me gration and then we end up being I never spoke about fitting type of abuse they abuse it having my family was different at least physical abuse and verbal abuse when my husband the job that I had it was much better than the jobs that are had previously and even the job that he had he said it will fan morning she started to get my money you started to force them to pay the rent you have to pay for the eventually taking over the kill him supposedly and he calls them and he said call nine one one because he's like your mother wants to kill me like so many in her.

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