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Today's got to the day comes via audio liam neeson was promoting movie and he was acts asked about the the pay discrepancy between men and women in hollywood and he had a very thoughtful way in and say tuned to where you can find out how he's likes you've got this is courtesy of the ap there's a lot of discussion about it on a love of healthy i'm necessary discussion about it because the disparities sometimes is graceful how do you think we can move fast that were starting were starting to start you know and it's starting with these extraordinary actresses brave ladies and we as man of go to be part of a geno we started it so we have to be part of the solution sand would you take a pay cut kind of equal things out now the new just five again equal winona go to hell you talk about larry would point reminded you guys of me oh my god saying all the right things saying all the right thing and then at the end what put the hell hell you talking about let's play that again this liam leeson talking very sternly about the societal problem that actresses in hollywood or not paid nearly as much as men and he's got part of the solution for you the part of the solution that has him taking a pay cut is not part of the solution roses kushner a load of healthy has asserted discuss numbertwo because the disparities times his scripts.

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