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Owned a property that i was talked into by by business manager at the time and had bought a property or the epicenter of this earthquake which was totally destroyed so casually at one point knowing bob pope owned all of this effort of fathy i say do you have any damage in the earthquake he said oh absolutely not my what properties with only destroyed he owned a hires and had not us not a scratch what wasn't guy how how dangerous why those vietnam trips i think there were dangerous i think there was except that i i think it would have been a very bad move on on on anybody's part i guess the viet cong with the vietnamese to to go after hope that would be a pr nightmare so it looking back i assumed that they did not want to do anything but they but easily they coulda because i remember a dining with the in the officers mass at one point of vietnam and i notice that all the all the waivers in the kitchen help were vietnamese and i said to whoever was my escort at the time i said how could you tell the good vietnamese for the bad vietnamese and he said we can't and by the way is a good lesson in war if you do cannot recognize your enemy do not go to war in that country but i said so that anybody that kitchen could be a sympathiser to the viet cong and could poison us immediately and he said absolutely so that was and other insight into into vietnam at the time and the war uh two hopes credit he was quite remarkable in certain ways when every.

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