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But that never touch meat again guy hired loopy when i'm tired but calm was like did just eight and listen to him talking about making a celery shaken the shed none of celery shake it's a fucking filigree but here's the thing is that you'll be abby admitted this morning so dawn she's like you can't make that shit you'll wake the kid up five thirty in the morning i gotta take it to the show out as the coffee you have to put in a blender if the blended so i scooped the stuff in a scoop do oil and a scoop the coconut butter in that put the hot percolate a beautiful coffee and and i bring this little mixer she gives me out to the shed it's a little portable mixer i go on a sheriff i put the lid on a hit the button the fucking coffee the if because it's so hot and this mixer isn't lega good mixer sprays my fucking face will hug and failure it is what your dream is what you've been dreaming of all here your whole life for happen to me just hot garden the hurt eta hurt i was in shock i do anything thethey a blender full of hot coffee and his vegas i would do anything to see that yeah it was awful it was just and it was everywhere i panic there's one thing in life that i'm really bad within its spills really it's my why did you see i hit for spills it's a key now it's just i just can't handle spills i hate them to deal with some was panic noone anxiety i but i kid i walk away one of the reasons i married my wife is so she can pick she can take your spills me because i can't do spills a fucking open anything she's got i will go on the roof i will shovel i will do it all but a spill i'm i can't do it this too many little dots it when everywhere now i can't i can't allow it went everywhere in my dad just parties fills are overwhelming because they're moving launching me spill is a spill is i am.

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