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In my assistance down to cut it down to one hundred, forty characters because sometimes I tend to write my tortoise completely different than my. Than my comedy because I'm different rebel. Just. Do things differently. You know you know especially grown up does a poor kid no when I was a kid. My dog only had one Rabi. You understand about being course. We had a choice. We all watch law. Order, we couldn't. We never knew that was a son. I was. At. SAMFORD okay. Because I do stupid shit. Yeah. So you I want to ask you about some of your recent tweets and if you remember what made you do it like so you met you recently tweeted grew up so poor we're only watch law order. How does how did that come to you? They like let me write that down. That's that's like when I grow on people. So we were so poor. We're going even aboard the Oh and you just thought you'd only on the second we will. So you just don't have little things like that and they started to click in your head and then you start to think about other things people say like I'm a rebel, I don't play by the rules are do you know I'll drink half glass of whole milk? Whole glass half an ass I don't give a shit. Me Latoya Mason Sing Tao. These are not funny when I do not funny. The replies a funny. Lady told me Mr Wallace you say, you drink a half, a glass of whole milk and the whole. Half. You may not give a shit you're going to take one so so That's what it gets. Good I did shut out to the top five bands. I did Peter Pan did pandemic I did black shot Tan I did. Whatever it is one of my replies you back how `Bout Guy all that stuff that that throws maple loop for when people could. Just have like this week I. Think he tweeted Australia check my Mike at the cow check and check my tooth during a bike check i. don't really I don't give a shit anymore. Do you remember Cathy? Does my John. Nelson. Sit Back and put things together like that. The cowboys and the nickel make a choice when the shit goes down between the cow in the boys. Someone will have to make a decision who you with here I I don't give a shit anymore. I'll drinker out eat pancakes out of a cup and cup kicks out of a Pan I don't give a shit. Okay. I'll eat French toast in London and an English muffin in France I don't play by the rules I don't give out take a refrigerator manion and put read on other I don't give a shit I don't play by the rules. how did you land on doing the top fives recently did a shadow top five foot in the world big lucky rabbit's shooting yourself in the athletes in my left added you land on that format I don't know I just grow into them. I just go into a Milky Listrik with this for awhile top by words top-five. I'll get into something else. I don't give a shit. What is it got to book here ready to go I'll straight up on a book. Australia on on a boogie board, I'll boogie on and on and boards Shit I don't you know the book is about eight months old I don't what do it right so it's all good that what is it up straight up hands on a guidebook and God's Handbook so I don't even know what I'm saying to him. I don't even know funny sometime I'll just list you. Do you feel like if a person around. If they only read your tweets do you feel like they're getting a? A specific sample of who you are as a comedian like, do you feel like you have a new set of who? Still are getting the George Wallace experience like do you feel like this? You know they're ramblings they're stupid. You feel like it's representative of you. Yes, it's a new set of fans that sing a different side of George. Wallace that were to come to the show. They might go like am I do some tweets might not. But they. Exchanged to make something funny in one, hundred, forty characters. is, different. Yeah and then you pick up another sense of humor. You know it's it's it's. What what I got here. It just saying baby corn. Is going to have to pick a side when the shit goes down between the babies and a corn. Okay. Let's go back. Let's just keep going to. Cut Annuities. Is. Just. I will not be signing with Atlanta Hawks this year. Because A. A A different interest in something like that. So I respect I would respect my my time of difficulty. I just I don't know what I'm saying I don't know. If. I wanted to ask you about one that he had recently, which was it wasn't even jokers. Nice thing you tweeter which is not sure who need this right now boudoir wonderful and your loved and you're the only you and this entire world and what not Because people need love right now people going to a lot of things now. With the anxiety going on the world and people living alone and. Being quarantined. So. Always. Remember you a you. You are loved and thank you for being you and thank you for putting smiles on people's face as in the book base sixty to honor your essence on your show people you love. What you do. And when you love what you do, the money will come don't worry about it when you love what you do, the money will come. Do you have a favorite joke of yours or best joke or jokes that you imagine you'd want printed in a you know some obituary to be morbid or you want on your wikipedia page is the George Wallace Joke I. Don't know. I'm doing a job right now about people saying stupid stuff here too late on. Said, she said I, feel comfortable in my own skin. Well. Like you had a choice like you. You never try to about skin. So I You don't know I'm no I feel much better than Jeff. Basil Skin I'm pretty sure that. Feel real good and over skin then I then. I. Get to live as. Art Good Good L. Shopping Skin. is going to be a little tight but. It's going to then I do joke with him, and then I'm going my favorite joke right now is probably. A. God She's is about. I can't even think of the. L.. Sharpton had all. He's getting if AL SHARPTON CHURCH GETTING RID OF THE INWARD? And It's not good to use the infer talk about it. and. We should stop using US but I'm old enough to the end where was here when I got here and it's going to be when I leave. I said so Al Sharpton they had a funeral for the inward if put to inward in the competent, they took it into church they saying over and they cold the coughing with the N. Word in it. And they took the inward in the corporate down to the cemetery and they buried the end word they buried the N. word. But on that third day..

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