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Today please do and you can get a deal the ace basic pleaded furnace air filters are on sale you can buy two get one free they're probably gets through the whole winter I believe it would I believe it was those are actually because you have not updated filters so there you go you're good yeah thanks to hope go ahead and stock up while those are on sale because they're back to get one for free any nice hardware yeah Jim are you know it's hard cases ninety six yesterday but you're going to need to if you have a camper yep or some you might need a winner energy to win around a freeze is an important thing to have that is on sale to one gallon sizes for six dollars I've got to come and get me a bag of sunflower seeds it's time for a start you have never purchase probable get made at you for not having the internet classroom for hot weather yeah but you know I got the big craftsman wit and drive back home sale yeah the six ten gallon hat that is a big one for under eighty Bucks so it really sucks okay thank you thank you own a mac he he wouldn't you want a vacuum cleaner that sucks Hey GM here certainly for October okay it's not fun it's not pretty but it is required exciting but is required it's neat and it's a great price so you might as well just get one drop or two the ace poly leave rakes or the metal spring break you've got it you're not always on sale now ninety ninety that is a good deal right and that's even got the comfort grip handle on it yeah for your kids there you go if it's their hand real well I'm thinking also have a thirty two gallon trash can on sale rob all the way down to thirteen ninety nine if you have nice sports car has a good day okay great green or black I noticed another thing when I was in the store the other day yeah with the colder weather coming we're going to be turning on heaters we're going to be spent more time inside going to be electric space heaters it's time to update your fire smoldered smoker.

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