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Yeah so i figured out how to do that so go and facebook dot com slash review and leave a review for this podcast and also youtube dot com slash about review for the interview segments the about to interview segments of this show all right so the movies that tim and are going to be tackling today are going to be so low a star wars story just a little movie the disney put out that they think is going to do well you know little thing also the documentary pope francis a man of his word which is playing at the saddle international film festival right now i will be then giving a review for boom for real the late teenage years of jean michel basquiat which played at the northwest film or is playing at the northwest film forum here in seattle and then we will round off the show with a brutal and bloody french movie called revenge which also played during these seattle international film festival so that will be on this week's episode of about review before we get into that we'll go to the original theme song created by damon randall of ill mannered media let's all go to those let's all go to the sounds back and ready to tackle does this group of movies and and the geek news but i how has your week been tim hold people's critic it's been busy but it's been good it's been busy though but but good i talked to i interviewed the director of blind spot in which was pretty cool that was fun and talk about some of the process making that film and you know it's about the young people getting together to make a really cool film so i was fun see i just found cifs stuff movie stuff it's been good though no no real real live compliance just busy yeah.

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