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The mike groom head show Appreciate you being with us today. We're going to get Teo just after the top of the hour. We're going to talk about More anti police sentiment in our community that kind of make me shake my head and wonder what the world's going on. We're going to get to it in a moment. Let me remind you whether it's so you've heard us talk about partnering with the Venus Rescue mission. ST. Vincent de Paul ST Mary's Food Bank, is doing a big drive for water. Koven, 19 is impacted everyone and one of the things that people aren't very aware of is that with covert 19 the way it is and the homeless population there is a campus called Cast in downtown Phoenix. I talked about circle, the city and the other organizations. But what usually happens is they make room for homeless people indoors to congregate to get out of the heat during the hottest part of the day because of the distancing regulations and covert 19 there isn't a lot of shelter for homeless people, which means more of them are outside, so the need for water right now is bigger than it's ever been. So ST Mary's food bank is doing a drive they've got. They've got a location at 31st Avenue and Thomas just south of Thomas. They've got went out. Surprise. You've got ST Vincent de Paul Circle the city all of these organizations. That are already out there helping homeless people. If you think about it while you're out grocery shopping and you have the means to do it, grab an extra case of water, drop it off at one of these organizations and just help them hydrate the homeless people. It really is a simple way to help people keep people alive during these hottest days of the summer. Mom and it really This is something that really is going to save lives. So if you condemn it, please do it. Mountainside fitness failed to stay open. They challenge the governors and they went through the courts Court said. No, they've closed down. They are going toe, Tom Hatton, Hatton said. He's gonna pay his employees through the 27th because that is the day that this shutdown is expected to expire. Now, whether or not the governor carries that longer than July 27th. We don't know. But Theo's fitness and life time fitness were two other groups to other fitness clubs. Chains that were also opened for a short time asleep one or two of their location sighted. And then they closed down as well. EOS and Lifetime are saying they're working behind the scenes with the governor's office. Or at least that's what the story's air saying to come up with a plan where they may be able to reopen before the July 27th deadline. Now, that would be very interesting to me if they were able to pull this off because in speaking with Mr Hatton, and in a press conference that he had he had been trying to work with the governor's lawyers in just that capacity in finding a way to come up with new protocol that could keep the fitness industry open, give people a chance to work out. It's going to be 120 degrees. Steve and I were talking earlier this morning. It's only happened three times in Arizona, where they've recorded temperatures over 1 20 It happened back in the nineties early 1990. Then it happened twice in back to back days in 1995. I remember that because that's the year I moved here. That was my first Arizona's summer 1 2121 on those two days. I think it was actually two days in 1990 wasn't I thought one day and night if I thought it was night, two in 95 looking, but I think that was we set a record that that summer for days over 1 12 or something. It was my first Arizona summer. And I was working as an electrician's outside. It's almost impossible. I don't care if you get up in 4 a.m. It's going to be impossible for people to get outside, getting a run. Get in a workout or a hike and those that are trying. Even the seasoned veterans and hiking and other things are finding themselves physically unable to do this. So you're going to really need to find a way to do it Be creative, and so the fitness industry for people's mental well being, not just only our physical well being is going to be a necessary thing. There's gotta be a way to give people the ability to get back into the gym. And blow off some steam going toe workout in and it I think it's essential to your well being. And this isn't something frivolous to other people to the people that don't exercise regularly. I understand that I get it. But for the people for them, it is the physical release. It is the mental well being is the way they escape and what it does for your physical and emotional condition. It's already well documented of how good that is for people. There's got to be a way. Toe work in these industries and be able to open these facilities again. And I'm hoping against hope that this is what's gonna happen, and I'm wondering how this is going to To play out because according to the story that I have in front of me, they're saying that they're talking with the governor's office. This is lifetime Indios in a plan that may allow them to open before the 27th with new protocol. And I'll be honest. One of the safest places I feel is when I go to the gym. You know, when my gym opened, I'm in a different and unique situation because I work, you know, and one on one training. And there's never anybody in the gym, but the trainer and myself and but the even them the extent that they were going to this is a very when I say very small in comparison to the large fitness is it's a smaller Jim. But they've got stations with the spray and the sanitizing spray and wipes. They have somebody that's constantly mopping the floor and it's just it is the cleanest place except for a doctor's office that I've been in. There's got to be a way to get these doors open again has to be Just after 11 o'clock. We've been talking about anti police sentiment that's been permeating everything from our school system. Tio two different events. There's one more That really just I looked at him and I shook my head..

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