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For her feelings of guilt and PTSD in response to her friends drowning on top of that she couldn't turn to her own parents for help working out her feelings, and we don't know if she ever approached her grandmother for help in fact, experiencing childhood trauma such as being beaten as an infant only increases a person's risk of experiencing PTSD. The support structure was not in place to help Myra cope with her friend's death in a healthy way. So instead my relied on coping mechanisms such as turning to religion and dropping out of school to help her get through in January nineteen sixty-one nineteen year old Myra landed a typist position with a chemical distribution company on her very first day, her new boss introduced her to a young man who would send her life spiraling into darkness. Twenty three year old Ian, Brady wasn't like the other men my renew. He was serious and studious. He read books instead of spending every night out at the pub. He talked about exotic locations neither of them had ever visited. They had a lot in common as well. Ian had been born in Glasgow Scotland to a single mother who eventually gave him to another couple to raise much in the same way Myra had been given to her grandmother. Ian was also very intelligent and it set him apart from his peers from young age teachers would describe him as whip smart, and terribly lazy except when it came to crime he'd gone before a judge three times for breaking and entering before his seventeenth birthday as a condition of his release for his third quarter appearance. Ian was sent to live with his mother and her new husband in Manchester. But he wasn't there for long before an event happened that would shape him forever while Ian was. Working at a local market. A man had asked him to help him load goods into his car. Whether Ian knew the goods were stolen or not. We don't know. But we do know that when police arrested the man for theft. They also arrested, Ian as an accomplice in was sentenced to two years in England's equivalent of juvenile hall, Colin Wilson. Ian Brady's prison pen pal said, Ian, deeply resented what he saw as an unfair sentence passed down by upper classes that only saw him for the class. He had been born into this punishment sparked a festering hatred him. He wanted to make society pay for the unjust hand. He felt he had been dealt in life, and he wanted to do it. So that his name would ring immortal after his death research published in psychology suggests that most serial killers experience extreme moments of humiliation and embarrassment while they're growing up and that contributes to their desire to kill. But Ian, didn't just kill as we'll explore later. He also violently sexually assaulted his victims research by the Howard league for penal reform in England has shown that rape in prison is seriously under reported and under punished in England as it is in the United States still using statistics. From the case that are reported between one and four percent of miners in their version of juvenile hall are raped while incarcerated though, we don't know whether Ian was sexually assaulted while incarcerated we do know that he himself pointed to this period of his life as the moment that changed him forever. It's possible that experiencing or witnessing rape in prison is what set him on the course to perpetrating sexual violence of his own while in juvenile hall. Ian studied bookkeeping and picked up an obsessive hobby of reading about Hitler and Nazism. His literary appetites grew to include works by the marquee Saad. From whom we get the word. Words sadist and sadism. He also made plans to travel and to fund that travel with petty crimes after his release. He joined a gang of car thieves and used his pay from those crimes to travel around the area..

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