Mcquaid, Chevy, Jebediah discussed on MSU Basketball vs. Cleveland State


The game and two shots in the second half you'd six more he's shooting the ball almost as if he thinks he's coming out of the game because he just catching it in fired it he's got eleven all five starters again in double figures the miles bridges picked up his sixth assists that's a careerhigh three ball for cleveland state by bobby word go rebound miles bridges across the timelines if you only caches here comes the rather three that what is a little flat rebound the miles now too that mcquaid not much there then they go on the game michigan state eighty cleveland stay thirty three at the elbow turnaround shabbana as bridges rivals home he's got 13 points is averages just over sixty ninety 33 945 the girl with a basketball county carpenter are finally goes over now the thomas tom is basically a backup point guard tries to three got it greece guide seven towards ninety thirty six two six 3pointer cleave instead as may nine 25 you going this basketball game what's in as it grasscourt pass for he'll try three god it an old man this looks like a warmup rail rag now 13 threes nah 3's for the spartans 20 points josh land furred 9'0 seven the girl who exelon we lose sherry detroit metro author of the game in this way i be everybody wow jump shot for three front by bobby word yet seventeen it season i nineteen and that one of thirty figures the free by miles bridges no good rebadge josh lankford is the backed to miles now goes over to wentz in new sorta drives towards lane and he gets vile and carpet or reached in and carpenter will pick up upon so kenny carpenter cleveland sake just got his fourth that's a six against the bike use mcrae showing lanes to sit now insurer mm so the five you have retirement israel now make sure you have bridges lankford jackson awarded the based on the flip it in and caches winston eight forty two left in this thing and on other whistle found jaren jackson is going to get call for an illegal screen it'll be a turnover to that's it slurred by the way after the game we were selector yard metro detroit jebediah respond player of the game check out the awardwinning lineup at chevy detroit dot com eight thirty five your goals ninety three thirty nine can again as it gets romeo right now inside.

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