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They hire MS buzzer. And as far as the acting is concerned, I had one audition and those twenty months to be an onion and quiz knows. Man. Yeah, and I hardly stories that was pretty. You are like, I'm not a very religious person, but I remember praying that I get to be an onion Lord. And and so, yeah, I was kind of like, you know, struggling hungry salad day whole LA thing. And it wasn't until I wrote a two man sketch show with sess brother, Josh Meyers, and we put it up at IO and our friend was Nicole Sullivan. Right? Who was a mad TV. And she came and saw, she's like, I'm going to tell the mad TV producers, check you out, and they came and will Sasso and Alex Boersting just want an EMMY. Amazing. So cool. So cool. Yeah, they had just laughed and they needed replacements and they hired us, and that was really my first like legit show gig. Yeah. You TV off and on for while through five years? Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I was there I, I was always like felt like I was probably going to get fired just because I wasn't very good on that show. Man, TV is so all about like those big stock character like Stewart swan? Yeah, I am. I'm not good at that. Like I'm just not. And so I would always play, like, you know, the straight man always. My whole thing was always like James Brown, get out of my car block. You know what I mean? John, what are you doing? My pancake house where I'm the manager and done for a while fun for and it really was for the first year or two, and it was like, this is great. I'm making money and I got a common to show people. And then I, you know, I started. I wanna say feeling myself, I just got restless, I would get restless not just with. The show, but also just, you know what you want you doing. This was a deck. You know what I mean? I was just like, why are we doing this? We should be doing this. And eventually I think mad TV was like they knew the end was near for the show and they were like, you can go, we're releasing you go, which I thought once mad TV ended. You know, I would go to sitcom, yeah, that's the transition. And like after I was fired from TV for all types of purposes began like a very dark like two and a half. I was very dark like I was like shooting up smack right? But like I really had a hard time getting hired for anything, and it was tough too, because at that point I had already met my girlfriend who's now my wife living together. Right? It's one of the things too. I met her and I was like, KOMO live with me on l. a. I wanna TV show dropped her life came to LA and then like a month later, it's like metal work, which is tough..

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