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Do have some splotches of light rain right now on the ten eighty weather radar some of the heaviest activity while east of a line for Rockwall down to Terrel some showers from Ball springs to course you can I have the rain just a little bit heavier on top of seventy five Ian McKinney we could see storms this afternoon and then again another round of storms later on this evening stay connected with KRLD throughout the afternoon we will keep you posted on the latest high today low to middle eighties word eighty one now news traffic and weather all news all day news radio ten eighty KRLD your news now good afternoon it is one thirty I'm John little good to have you with us set up Plano police detective whose work took him into south Dallas gets involved in a shooting it happened about seven fifteen in far south Dallas near Bonnie view and I. twenty Dallas police sergeant Warren Mitchell says the shooting had nothing to do with the officer's investigation the Plano plainclothes officer driving by accident as he passed by he ups or one of the individuals who were involved in the accident it is vehicle every three a long rifle that the witnesses say the Plano detective pulled his gun and identified himself as a cop the man with the rifle pointed the gun at the detective who fired and hit the man in the arm the wounded man is expected.

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