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Oh we've had a busy self-isolation Time Ashley. It is a joy in my life To be able to take time out of my day to talk to you about everything. Good Ashley how you doing. I'm good how are you been? I'm great? Hey listeners. Before today's episode which is a very very special one like they all are but we have a guest who we've talked about often who We've gotten to know and most of us out. There have gotten over the last few months. But before we introduce them Ashley and I came up with a new goal for ourselves. And we'd like to invite you all to fall along. We are going to try to walk ten thousand steps per day for the rest of self isolation Ashley. Do you think you can do it? I definitely can it's manageable when you think about it. It's like maybe two miles two miles is I know that a lot of people probably don't live in neighborhoods where they can walk around that long. You think that that's going to be an issue with people because I think we're coming from people who Where people who have neighborhoods that are very small small sprite? Yeah apartment buildings were tough. Here's the thing though like I don't know Ashleigh with during a time of self-isolation if there's any excuse like you can walk on your couch for five days. Probably right up to the other room to move. We gotta move well actually. Let's not a delay any further. You and I have wanted to do this for awhile. Basically destroyed to build suspense by saying walk around before we introduced are gigantic guest. I agreed yes. Hey listeners Fans almost podcast huge fans of the indepth episode. Welcome to this in-depth episode with Peter. Webber Peter how you doing. I'm doing good guys. Yes to be here. Thank you for having me I'M GONNA try to take on that ten thousand a step challenge. It'd be a little difficult here but I'm trying my best. The guys don't know Peter Well One. I don't know why you're listening to this podcast. He's he's from. Westlake village California known for being on Hannah Brown sees another Bachelorette is also known as our most recent bachelor. He's a pilot for Delta Airlines. Peter I want to start this. We've talked a lot. Actually I have about how we wanted to start this podcast today and we believe A. We've we have this kind of thing that goes on during the indepth episodes which are meant to get anybody story out. There is Truth is truth and truth wins so ultimately even if somebody doesn't like your truth it is your truth and for that they need to respect it at some level and so today. I WanNa start just with you saying. Hey you're here because you're truth needs to be said some might still not like it. That's okay But at least a truth can get out there. You've been in the headlines for awhile. Now after your time on the Bachelor your time on the bachelor a new and I got to talk about it quite a bit At least in my opinion wasn't ideal at times at some moments. It wasn't Shane. We'll talk about that but it was heavy at times as well and so now. Let's sit down and talk about it. let's start with this. Peter Road you in your background of who where you're from. What you like to do. I want to start by asking you first. How're you doing if we took all of this and just put it into one microcosm of your life the show your life after the show? How are you doing personally? Yeah Hi in Doing A. I'm doing good honestly I really am is obviously in quite the whirlwind for me quite the the last year Just kind of looking back on everything. it's it's been kind of funny for me to think. I've kind of been in this world like pretty hardcore since You know the whole dating world through the Bachelorette Bachelor for over a year now so Obviously it ended a couple of weeks ago. Things are still going on. People are still talking and Honestly though like I feel like I definitely you kind of have to like no choice. Gone really really tough skin through all this especially at the end and you know I'm just I'm every day I wake up extremely grateful for the opportunity to had to be the Bachelorette and then be the bachelor in look for you know. Hopefully the girl dreams and I don't regret it You Know I. I've had a lot of time to reflect for sure on everything that has transpired. You know the good decisions. I made the poor decisions. I made And try to just grow from that. Become a better person moving forward but yeah. I really like honesty day. I'm doing as good as you can be doing are now in this threat this pandemic. It's obviously kind of crazy. Just a weird time. We're living in but I really. I'm doing good from a Fan's perspective. Your family got more involved in this season than any other family. How's your family doing? Yeah they they really did They're doing good as well. Obviously that AF far was a tough. You know tough episode for everyone Obviously there's been a lot of opinions good opinions bad opinions about all that but my family is very strong. We've always been very very supportive of each other each other's rock and You know we have each other's back always I love him more than anything and I know they love me more than anything is going to be. Honest when we got into the quarantine situation I was like. Could you imagine being in the House right now? I I know people thought there was all this all this tension and whatnot The really wasn't my family. Listen we we. I don't know of. It comes from kind of like kind of being raised in a Cuban culture like household or whatnot. We we can be very emotional and very passionate about stuff. And obviously we're not gonNA agree on everything family does but we one of things. I love about my family is that we we don't hold grudges or anything or let stuff get to us for too long. You know that love that we share always poses through little anything that we're going through So you know I was Gonna get it was making some Some dance video with my mom before before I left the house there and everything. And it's all good Peter. Uniroyal to speak if we flash back months right before this whole thing started for you and I and I made you one promise. I don't remember this but I was like. Hey if I was in Peter Shoes what would I want to hear and one is you know I said hey if I can do it you can do it? Which is very true. You're going to be able to do it now. How WELL WE DO? It is up to us as people but the second was that at the end of all this. It's all going to work out for the good like even if it's hard even if it looks ugly in even if it feels heavy and it feels like I've done everything wrong in the process which you and I have both felt at times during this. I'm sure is it all ends up working out for the good. I mean my life now. A is a great representation of that right. I learned a lot from my experiences. The bachelor the pain was caused. And now I'm able to celebrate with my fiance and enjoy a great life. It took awhile grass room. Thanks Buddy now that I've made that promise to you has held true and again we're GonNa get the details later on but I just want to start this podcast kind of getting a tone of where you're at what you're feeling that our listeners can ride along this journey with you has that held true has worked out for the good. I truly do believe yeah Yeah you you call that. And I truly feel like that is accurate representation of my whole experience Obviously there is a crazy up in nouns in You know I've always been a firm believer that you know things happen for a reason and Sometimes you truly don't understand why things are happening But in the end it's GonNa work out for the better Maybe a couple of weeks ago. You know like Dang. Where's this going you know? How is this even at the very end like I don't? I didn't even know how it was gonNA end. You know after a far you know for a couple days here. There was a lot of this kind of confusion still but through all of that I do feel very good about where I'm at right now Even through all of mistakes I really I really do mean that and You know I'm just. I'm still hopeful. I'm so excited. I'm excited looking forward to the future for what's to come and Yeah I think your advice was spot on. You know like a lot has happened in a lot seems to be happening. I was talking to Ashley earlier. I was like you know. There's very few people that have been in the public eye like you have that had so many headlines so many different headlines written about them as such a small piece in in such a quick amount of time like I feel like every day there is a part of that just becomes a territory like you're popular people have celebrated with you. They've mourned with you. They've criticize you like that. Just comes with being the bachelor. That's just part of it and with the media the way it is today. It's it's flooding information about Peter Webber and what he's doing and who is dating and where he's been and all this stuff this is a lot has happened with you. Read is it. Is it all? I mean you're not a professional entertainer. None of the waiter. How are you dealing with this like this? You've said you've developed tough like tough skin. That's Great. I'm glad to hear that buddy like I am so happy you say that but like that's not the full truth here and we. I WanNa hear your full truth like you don't just develop tough skin because you get criticized enough you have to do things in the process of getting to the place where you can handle it and there's a lot of pain involved in getting to that place in that time like what is that been like for you. I mean it. Hasn't it hasn't been easy. Obviously there's there's absolutely no way to prepare for this kind of attention to be brought upon you There's just no way just like I felt like you know even going through the experience of being the bachelor as much as we talked and all the advice that I asked you know from you and that you gave me and I took to heart. It's IT'S STILL. There is no way to completely prepare for being the bachelor So with all his attention just kind of being cast on analogies everyone. You know every little thing. I do is analyze. That part is been. It's been tough and like it in the beginning. It's like it just almost kinda consumes you because for me on like literally everything I do. I think about okay. What people's reaction going to be this and is this going to be criticized or is this going to be accepted in that part kind of stocks and I have not necessarily enjoyed that and at some point you just have to.

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