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Monday. More phone calls Best and worst to the weekend. Update. The poll results. Ryan Clark from the mother ship will join us coming up also will bring back a couple of answers that Cris Collinsworth had He had great analysis on Josh Allen. And Habit study kind of fell back into because he's a young quarterback during that game last night, and also what Chris had to say about the Packers decision to kick the field goal with two minutes to go. 8773 d p show. Email address. Dp Dan patrick dot com Twitter Handle AT DP Show Up Take The poll results make love it. Okay. Who is gonna get back to you both first, Josh Alan or Aaron Rodgers. Still Josh Allen 56%. How about switching up? Do you want to save it? Or could we do? Where is Matthew Stafford, Honolulu. I was wondering this. The Colts have, I think, the 21st overall pick in this year's draft. Too high. Too low. If I said to the Lions You can have the 21st pick for Matthew Stafford. Did you do it? If you're the lines, Would you do it if you're the Colts? If I'm the cold's Absolutely you got a team that's ready to win. Now, then you bring him in. And that is a upgrade, even though Philip Rivers played well Think Matthew Stafford gives you A stronger arm, his 33, But I think the key in all of this, according to a source is the medicals on you know Matthew Stafford. When teams bring him in just how healthy is he? Because he might be an old 33. That could change things, but I did, as a source said after I said, First of all, why would the Lions give up their leverage and say, Hey, we're parting ways with him. And what would you give for him in my source said Probably a two and a four. I don't know if I'd given a first round pick for Matthew Stafford. Yeah, Dan, you're lying. It's also had the seventh pick of the draft, which is on the cusp of being in Play for one of the top few quarterbacks if they've traded that pick and got acquired to pick from You know the coals. Maybe they could move themselves up or build around. Yeah. Option. You still might be able to get somebody, but you don't just get a quarterback. You get your quarterback. That's why I always think teams make mistakes when they go. Well, I don't know. We got to get a quarterback take him. No. Take the guy that you think you need. If not, then get somebody else who makes the most sense. Yes, my club. If word gets out that Stafford could be half around. Then then Chicago's a 20 in division, Washington's and 19. Never. They might not trade him to Chicago, right? But what about Washington and 19, New England of 15? Vegas. It's 17 then, man there a lot of this. Pull out a lot of teams on there. All right, let me bring in Ryan Clark of the mothership, the former defensive back and kind enough to join us here on short notice. Do you wanna start FC or NFC there, right. Listen, is your show dame and I'm just honored to be on I start where you tell me. All right, let's start with the approach the Buffalo bills had last night. And what does Tampa learn from what Buffalo did or didn't do? That you can't stop him. No matter what you pick you think about it. Think about what Tampa dishes when they play Kansas City the first time they did what we've seen them do throughout the playoffs. They went Man, the man they were single high safety and Patrick Mahomes carved them up over 400 yards. And so the buffalo bills went back to something they did in week. Six, right? Where where Patrick Mahoney's was checking off two runs, and they ended up rushing forward 200 yards, But they kept the score down. The only scored 26. What did he do differently This time, though, he went to the catch and run. Allowed Travis Kelsey. He allowed Tyree kill to get the ball in space and have opportunities to create bigger place He got outside the pocket and created second play opportunities. And so it's kind of pick your poison. When you play against the Kansas City Chiefs, your hopes are he gets it out of his hand fast enough to not create big place. But if you can't tackle on the back and which the Buffalo Bills didn't do last night, you're in trouble. And so I think you have to have a mixture of that. But more than anything, then He can't read your mail before the place is Patrick Mahomes knows where to go with the football right away. If he knows if you're in single high safety, or if he knows if you're in cover two and he can get the ball out of his hands quickly. Those guys that catch the ball. Those skilled players are much too good to contain and so tired. Both has a hard decision on his hands. Okay, but you're a defensive player. You couldn't go into a game as a player going. We have no chance of stopping them. Right. You wouldn't go in. Or maybe you have you ever gone into a game where you went way have no chance of stopping this. This quarterback of this offense. You know, absolutely not. And in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won't feel that way at all. You know, Even Carlton Davis, who was burned for 200 yards in the first quarter gets Tyree kill. He's going to step up and feel like he can do better this time, especially after matching up pretty well with device. He, Adam Yesterday. But Tyree kill is different. Travis Kelsey is different. And so this is a game where you need your defense. A coordinator to help you. This is the game where you need your offense to run the football and keep Patrick Mahomes off the field as much as possible. You know, you don't just defend Patrick Mahomes With 11. People playing defense. You offend him. Do you defend him with your team? You defend him with your strategy with your scheme. And so, yeah. You feel like you can go out there and play. But I'm gonna tell you this in 2000 and 10 whenever Rogers at the height of his Aaron Rodgers nous. We go to the Super Bowl and we played extremely well. They were plays. I plan to get interceptions. There were things coach Lobo knew, and we knew exactly what was coming and we were right. They're able to make the play. His throat was better. The placement was better. The velocity was better than we were, and sometimes that's what you know. I'm not even gonna say sometimes most of the time. That's what you run into when you play Patrick Mahomes and many teams have seen that the last two years in the playoffs. Can you? I don't know if you disguise when you're going to double cover, Kelsey or when you're going to double cover, Tyree kill because you can't double cover both of them. But so How do you pick your poison each Syriza or each player you know each quarter You know that? That's what these two weeks are about, right? These two weeks are about understanding where they get the football and when they get it in the most important moment, and you can double them, and you can disguise when you double it. And you also know that you have Levante, David and you have Devon White, right? Maybe the best linebacking corps in the NFL definitely Top three. And you look at that. And you say you know what? It's going to be your job to handle client that was in there. It's gonna be your job to handle Darryl Williams. We're not gonna stack the front. We're not gonna put eight people in the box. If they choose to run it. We feel like our guys are better than their guys have fun. So if you do have to call the play, which we call that Pittsburgh was doubled the stars, right if you play the team that had two threats if it was rob Gronkowski and and Wes Welker writing, you know, you're gonna double the stars with the backer and safety. You're gonna Lena Safety to Tyree kill. Then you do those type of things. You could have to do it timely. It's not necessarily about described this disguise. Because sometimes I want you to know I'm doubling Tyree kill. So you just throw it somewhere the hell else. I want you to know. I'm doubling Travis Kelsey, so you could do it somewhere the hell out. And I think Todd Bos is gonna have to figure out when it's the right time to play too high, single, high double blitz because if he catches you, and he knows it's coming, there's nothing you can do to stop it. What's it like? When you're on the field with somebody you know is ah, whole lot faster than you..

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