Donald Trump, New York, Rachel discussed on The Rush Limbaugh Show


The vaccine is a tool to be able to get a pandemic to no longer be a pandemic but to be something that's well controlled. What well here's rush. Reminding us that it was andrew. Cuomo that mess things up in new york with the virus. It wasn't trump. here's cuomo is out saying. Trump had nothing to do with the vaccine andrew. Cuomo who couldn't have done five percent. What trump has done people died with. Andrew cuomo running the corona virus circumstances in new york on necessarily so now andrew cuomo is just livid that trump called him out. You know does brothers said. I'm not accepting any vaccine comes from donald trump trump said. Okay fine we'll put you the bottom of list. That wasn't the only person saying that about the vaccine. Kamala harris said. She wouldn't take it. She wasn't going to trust the trump vaccine gavin newsom. That's right gavin. Newsom came out and said well we're gonna test and see what What the vaccines really made of. I've got my own independent. Experts here in california will be testing all this stuff. Now if you flip any of those people to today. And i know it's what aboutism i know. People hate the what aboutism. But if you were to flip any of those people today and you would have had Say disentis in. Florida mcmaster in south carolina Avin texas and they come out and say the same sort of things about joe biden's Corona virus rollout and anthony fauci. And they say this about Th that the herd immunity is mass murderer. All that sort of stuff you would literally have news. Reporters from the cable outlets camped on their front lawns yelling and screaming and demanding retractions and apologies. And all those sorts of things and yet and yet each and every time the the big government pharma crew. And i'm not talking about pharmaceutical companies. I'm talking about your cd types. Your dr rao cheese et cetera. Every time they put out a warning they have to walk it back. It was only about four weeks ago. That dr rachel walinsky or rachel will ski the one who is running. Cdc now came on on television. And said i'm i'm so so worried absurd of said i feel like it's going to a really dark place right now..

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