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So if you're willing to do an ad read for certain products let me know and we'll work something out but obviously it's one of those deals that I get a small percentage for the platform that I pay for monthly. That's that's expensive, but it's not for you guys so. If that's something you're interested in doing. Please let me know send a email to black and gold hockey blog at g mail dot com talk to me. Let me know some ideas and and and we'll definitely get you involved already involved in the program is the dumping chain hockey podcast and they talk some major bruin stuff. It's three guys. Nick, jared and Nestor. These guys are fantastic people. That they're young guys moving up into the in the POD POD and Family and. And good friend of Mine I've been on their program twice and they do a I just enjoy it because it's not it's not all corporate string hockey talk that sometimes we can be but it's more or less sit back a drink and and say what you want about this Boston Bruins team and what's going on in the National Hockey League. So. fantastic news like I said if you if you want to start podcast is bruins related, please let me know we're GONNA do ten we have I think two or three four possibly locked up right now still in negotiation but. Also looking for writers if you WANNA be a a writer or a blogger whatever you wanna call yourself and you WanNa step into doing some Boston bruins coverage, we do have media credentials via the Providence Bruins. So if you're in the providence area or sell Schumer and willing to travel I can get you a press box seats and and and post game interviews afterwards. So there's a lot of opportunities to grow. Here we do have twenty, four, twenty, six writers and We're just GONNA keep plugging away we added more talent and and even in the whole Kovic situation, we were still doing thirty to fifty articles a month. But when we were prime NHL Hockey and the in all the affiliates were working, we were doing over one hundred a month. So we are a workhorse air and You know if you can meet our requirements, we'd love to have you. So I reach out blocking gold hockey blog. my twitter is right there. It's A. At black and gold pod or at black and gold to seven seven. And just reach out and let me know if you're interested in, we'll try to get you involved. Writers are awesome. Come on board podcast mania. Just. Sharing your thoughts dumping change great podcast even though they don't remember my name, it's weird because my name is that hard but that's all right on. You can say mark I know they love you and you're like. A hockey twitter God loves you. Like in that girl that's with mark. Getting Rain Review Follow, and I again contact you know no trolls needed. But will just need people who are serious..

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