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Protesters are now walking past the U. S. consulate they're asking their leading the U. S. Congress to pass a law that would basically be punished Hong Kong as well as mainland Chinese officials if they suppress their freedom. then ran by three months of unrest creating the biggest challenge to Beijing's rule is sense song Kong's return from Britain several years ago the speaker of Germany's parliament has given a tour of the building to a special group of visitors all of whom were born in the basement of that building in the final years of World War two some sixty to eighty children are sort of weapon born in the rice Aug whose basement was used as an air raid shelter and improvised maternity ward the speakers at exactly how many children were born there is unknown because all the paper work was destroyed but the some of the visitors were able to will produce their own documents. poverty is not inevitable pope Francis is says as he visited a hilltop rock quarry in Madagascar over the weekend where residents one of the poorest nations of the world have been able to learn a living in the same place they used to scavenge for food. said to rap up is a three legged trip to East Africa with a trip to Mauritius today correspondence Seth Doane has been traveling with football this afternoon we went with him as he went to this community so a so called city of friendship which has put tens of thousands of people to work build homes schools hospitals for people that had been living and working in a garbage dump WBBM news time for thirty six percent rate by members twice this institution is not federally insured in MLS number three eight four seven five nine equal housing lender for additional cost information other restrictions may apply. every so often.

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