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Two young unveiled omar further back anyway and we praise by now with everybody can bring your phone but he still held them. They vague so i thought it was gonna be a big onus on defying. I was thinking about what you said before. About harry king. You know putting a lineup. In to serve your best players. Difference maker defy. I think represents a much. Bigger percentage of the dutch attacking output. Then cain does for because came to other guys around him. Do we think this formation suits deploy no no toy and it was good but look at look at the first chance neon where he runs for fifty yards on. This is and i think if you play the four three and he's a force number nine and you've got to lingers who going to run into the space the he will free and this is too much and that's where they did so with kumon fables he played in a two he plays in a lot of leeann. But obviously it's different. Yes it's a two and a four four two as opposed to having gone on hold and we'll and dumfries. Yeah as your. There's just a quality gap there. Yeah again and and does wing box. You play you play. The through five is to pr- across his in right and that's said cost is one of the best of the board in european football right now. That's fourteen crosses in the game yesterday on sunday night on four of those success. We're so it's not even a few using system you're playing in the is so controversial and everybody is talking about and use it to his to his best to make the most of it s not and i think there's a there's a quality to with dumfries. Manhole are and things badly but they're not. There's a reason they're not stars ordinary players. I have no idea about dumfries by van. Whole played in a four For most most of his career certainly here in england and all of a sudden. I seems like a weird distinction when you when you play in four. You're almost always start your either overlapping or you're getting the ball. You played in front of you when you play in a five. You are a lot of times getting your the ball with your back to the opposition goal. You have to turn such washington running into space. It's just. It's a very very different interpretation. You need to be able to do that. You need to be technically i think. More proficient than van holt and dump reserve and you can have a talking football even four. We saw that we take for example here so it's no other understand this obsession that he has his back five when you don't even make the most of formation and you could still have so much input into different formation with the place that you have all right because it's called the gavin joe show and i'm one half of it. I'm gonna digress. Is something completely different. Because i put this out on twitter last night and i was shocked by the responses. Okay okay. i haven't had time to think about this. I'm going by. I said just for all the twenty four managers in euros if we're talking about technical ability as a player. Yeah i gave my top five. Okay okay that's good because let's just quickly keep this week have done features on those managers managers who were plays before and ten stories stories of who they were up as planned so montereau of course and they show so curious to see show. I'm not gonna argue that. These were that these are the best player. I'm not ranking them. Bye bye bye bye bye bye. Who's the best. just who is the most technically gifted. Who was the most when they were playing. Yes right so let us be very clear. There's a very different is easy. Who mancini thank you. Thank you surely want. Hov to i had all these people. No shave was much more skillful than machida. When she couldn't get into the italy side regularly shave and one the balance. Thank you. thank you This for me. I'm with you a very very gifted as well. I if you want to show is a better player than that's fine. You can go ahead and hold that opinion but in terms of technical ability. There's no compare. Thank you and then my three after gene trevor. There's obviously gap between but then my next three were policies are young and frank. Deboer yet people come back. Oh dish along. Did the bishop come on. Take take up. Thank you right. I need my beige. Boy was a better player than frank de boer at a better career with the voting. Go for it but with the ball right definitely. Why do people struggle to understand this concept. I don't remember is a long time ago amongst your followers. There's a lot of people who have only seen in play but it's not like it's not like i mean shaver monchy. All these guys were a long time ago mancini's even even older than chevra. I think a love pleasure. Followers who listen to the show was to show that. I'm more familiar. Maybe we should've at mancini as a player as in the mansion from the eighty s late eighty s beginning of nineties. I guess so. I'm just going to drop a little thing about mancini. One of the most difficult things that he had to deal with any spoken about this. Because this is a guy who had sixteen was started. Touring scored nine goals as as a sixteen year old city. Ouch unheard of back. Then is the fact that he's so much more talented than everybody else anybody. He's ever played with her coach. What are the big frustrations was that when he became a coach. Lots of eriksson's assistant. They took over his head coaches or go but having to work with people who could do the things he did. Glenn hoddle spoke about this and i can imagine practical frustrated straightaway away right but it was two things one is. They couldn't see pass as a movement like you could see them but anyway could see and they had no idea how to execute them. You know. I remember no story. Somebody told me about glenn hoddle at chelsea where he's talking to his to a centrebacks and and he's saying like okay so if the ball comes in like this you just just turn and then with the outside of your foot you open it up the other way here like this and he goes and he does it and they look at him as i always fine. It's fine for you to do you expect me to do that. I know the same. He had reservations with france. And that's the only spoke. I realized it was not meant for but if they could not do something attorneys. Okay giving the the saying this is how you and then would do it. Although he been retired for ten years and they were all in their prime. How embarrassing these players. But it's a fun question. Also i also told people by suggesting that i thought was actually more technically gifted than than by joe even either people i know that controversial view whatever but other people may dispute but guys technique is one aspect of the game which has nothing to do with how well you read. The game does not nothing to do with how. What a great athlete you are. Who's faster does he do. Is more mentally strong yet. We've seen so many hugely gifted technical players who never make but is important when you're a coach because part of your function is pedagogical. It is understanding what your players can bring. And so i think it. Generally it works against super technical managers in many not all pep guardiola was technically really really good. But you know obviously hasn't stopped him. Go on cry. Was also tactic. But i just thought it was interesting. Great debate. I was.

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