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Wanted to know how often medics around the country sedate people for supposed excited delirium. So we started in our own state. Colorado were more than 100. Paramedic agencies are allowed to use ketamine like this. We learned that in the last 2.5 years, paramedics injected the drug. 902 times We thought those numbers sounded high, Excited. Delirium is supposed to be rare. So we asked Dr Debarred how many cases he would expect to see I came up with the number 57 is the number of expected cases. Statistically speaking for Colorado and those 2.5 years we told Dr Debarred about the 902 cases Colorado actually had over that time period That sounds like they had about 15 times more. Uses of academy in four excited Delirium syndrome, then I would have expected In Colorado. We know how often paramedics used ketamine to today, people for excited delirium because the state keeps track of that, But many states don't and we couldn't find any national data. My phone. We asked doctor to Bart about this. Do you know how many Emma's providers across the country or using ketamine for excited delirium? Not right now, it does seem pretty widespread. That's just the impression I would agree that it seems widespread. But I have no data on that. Do you know if there is a universal definition for excited delirium being used by the CMAs providers? And then beyond that, is there also universal training. Are they all getting the same education, so I don't know The answer to either one of us, So we started counting ourselves. So far, we found that at least 34 states across the country. Allow paramedics to sedate people for excited delirium. We know of at least one case where ketamine sedation for excited delirium contributed to a man's death. But until we have national data on how often people are sedated for excited delirium, there's no way to say just how many are being harmed, or how often excited delirium is misdiagnosed. And that's another thing we wanted to know from Dr Debarred. In the case of Elijah Night. Does the Bard believe that Elijah was suffering from excited? Delirium Doctor to Bard agreed to watch the body cam footage. Okay? Yes, I can. Dr Debarred watches as deputies have Elijah handcuffed and pinned to the ground and a paramedic crouches down to talk to him..

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