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The El tracks there, so they're working on all that, But I hope it's okay. And I hope they get to rebuild that. Let's talk about this whole wall. Bhikhu. So what about this life or what should we know about it? Yeah. Snowfall totals, though. Uh, Tom, what should we know about all this? What We need to know. Well, you know, it's interesting. We have completely turned the corner on snowfall. We had a snow drought going On a very warm uh, you know, start to the cold season cash. November was seven degrees above normal December and just completed January. Both came in over five degrees above normal. That's amazing is a Monthly total. And yet this is a lot, Nina winter and those air historically very volatile. So here we are. In the back end of winter. We've entered February the last month of Climatological Witter and Whammo. It hits the cold air that have been picking had taken up residence on the underside of the hemisphere has crossed the polls and when it comes over here You know, we know we turned colder, but we activate the storm track. Your state is strengthened that jet stream at in off the Pacific come the storms. So this thing that hit us over the weekend it dump 7 Ft of snow out in the Sierra California Where do you hear the snow numbers out of the East Coast. This is going on and produced more than 30 inches of snow. In New Jersey, not far from New York. I noticed New York City they've had up to 16 17 inches of snow, but highest total I've seen is Montague, New Jersey's had 33 inches of snow 31.2 inches. Springtown, New Jersey Lowell, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston. 24 inches of snow. They had 71 mile an hour winds on the Massachusetts coast with that storm, which turned into a classic nor'easter. But that was the one That dropped 10.8 ago here and 11.3 at midway, and many areas close in here to the Chicago area and in the lake and his belt along the shoreline head over a foot of snow out event. That's the most know Anna that we've had in Chicago in five years and the period from January 25th through yesterday. Had produced nearly 20 inches of snow. That's just a week's time in our area around Evanston, there was one of the key points there for maximum accumulation. That's the most snow. We had 16.8 inches ago hearing that the past week that's the most know we've had in that time period since no record second most still, we've had since Snow records began here. 18 84 85. So that goes back quite a ways so we completely we completely turned that around the corner on snowfall. We're now above normal far from being in a snow drought status, and we haven't seen the last of it now. The other shoot. It's gonna drop is brutally cold Arctic air That's going to come in here later this week, and more. So this weekend and in their early next week and This thing has some staying power will have multiple days with sub zero thermometer readings, and I was looking at some of the wind chills the early average among the models. We look at It's wind chills around Campbell. Oh, by Friday morning, 20 below by Saturday morning and around 30 Below is possible Sunday, Monday and Tuesday mornings. Um, so it is really going to get cold around here and single digit daytime highs on the thermometer with a roaring wind is it comes in on on Friday, we had a win's a 45 MPH and gusts. So, boy, this winner is back loaded on the back end, and it's it's suddenly turned like a real authentic Chicago winter around here or will in the days ahead and by the way, Thursday to get messy. We could have a wintry mix coming here just after lunchtime, and they're going to Thursday night. We could get some accumulation of snow before that's all over and another little snow on the back side. Sometimes Saturday afternoon Saturday night, maybe Sunday morning with strong winds Sunday, bringing yet Reinforcing Cold area. So, Anna, get that Get the warm weather gear out. Get ready. You're not saying yeah, Yeah. Hey, Tom. I want to talk about some other things. Can we pause just for a moment here that we're gonna We gotta check the roads with Mary Vandeveld and then back with Tom Skilling here on W G and Mayor. What's going.

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