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We when we were kids we spent more time outside you know we wanted to go outside play football play basketball whatever you route through the neighborhood now you'll even see kids outside yeah so you know it just they just end the different things you know smoking weed and doing whatever that's that's the best thing for like the influence of drugs in our communities have always kind of been there but it's weird nowadays what i'm noticing is really the internet i think is kind of created this there's really no barrier so like their influence is a lot bigger than ours was ours was like just your surrounding areas your neighborhood and like you kinda wanted to be like the boys you saw the doe boys boys told you not to be like that or like nowadays it's just like a free for all because of the internet i think too like coming up like when our play lily the the dope boys were more like your sponsor i i know know what what i'm i'm saying saying they will more like you know hey you go out here and score a touchdown you get paid you know they they kept you away from that you know they don't wanna see you you know following the same footsteps they had they always wanted you to be better you know what i'm saying so i think i think that has a lot to bility i mean it's hard to pin because it's a it's a i mean it's it's a countrywide pedantic.

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