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Donald Trump, President Trump, Middle East discussed on Hacks on Tap with David Axelrod and Mike Murphy


A chair tax on tap with David axelrod and Mike Murphy Mike Murphy how you doing brother. I'm doing good eggs. I'm doing good. I'm I'm a little worried looking at the world situation complicated politics in the Middle East. Just what president trump was created to handle and of course we're we're back to the Supreme Court nomination battle against the way back machine a lot of stuff to cover because we we we now have the aftermath of the debate and we ought to go through it and see what what it all meant but yeah cavenaugh back in the news loose and new revelations in a book by a couple of New York Times reporters suggesting that evidence additional evidence was overlooked by the FBI. Maybe by the Senate Judiciary Committee and President Trump energetically leapt into that debate and as did Mitch McConnell told the far left and besmirching this good man phillies phillies four Democratic presidential candidates. Maybe five immediately called for Kavanagh's impeachment. What do you think the politics of this is this? This is classic based food on the right conservatives. They like Cavanaugh. They think he got a bum rap. They're not sure I think if they were honest about it about what happened. All those decades ago is a drunken college student but they think he's led an exemplary life since then and they're seeing an attempt to bring a can opener the supreme court you know on the other hand. The Democratic Base sees somebody who lied is guilty of sexual assault and therefore I get why the Democratic candidates repealing on but in the general election I don't know again this is yet another thing that Republicans will create a wedge issue out of for being a conservative. He's being totally maligned signed. I it's messy and it the incentives are fight like everything in our politics. Now I mean I believe that that whole process was was was really suspect and that they didn't thoroughly investigate but you you you talk to Claire mccaskill and some of the Democrats who lost in two thousand eighteen and they would say that they had momentum until the cavenaugh hearing that really really stoked up the Republican base so as a matter of politics. It's you're a good base politics and if you're running in a democratic primary it's a good place to be to call for impeachment. I look forward to talking with our guest today. Amy Klobuchar who was who's on the Senate Judiciary Committee played a big role in those cavenaugh hearings to hear what she has to say about it. You mentioned the Middle East this thing with Iran has has really ratcheted up now the they there was an attack on Saudi oil installation the hootie rebels from from Yemen claim name credit for it but it looked like a pretty sophisticated attack in the administration immediately blamed Aaron and word let word out that they're considering all options including military options. Where's this all go well? That's a billion dollar. Question isn't an interesting one because the Iranians and the Saudis have been and having this proxy war for a while fighting it out in Yemen although there's some evidence that the missile which apparently could have been in Iranian copy of a Ukrainian Ukrainian Russian missile they bought on the black market a cruise missile could have come from southern Iraq from the North so this thing is escalating and it could would be I mean we could have retaliation by the Saudis or armed to the teeth and even there our allies some American participation. I think president trump if you're a cynic might might WANNA change the subject a little bit on the other hand. The Iranians are escalating their troublemaking so if we have an election that suddenly about foreign policy that could shuffle apple the deck and then yeah. I think it's really complicated because trump is a guy who ran on non engagement on withdrawing from these foreign foreign bow so maybe people believe that you know sensitive oil and gas prices which are going to go up inevitably that that will that he needs to to act but I think it's a really tough call for him. I remember being in the White House and I remember what the military military people said about what what a war with Iran would really look like and it is not this is not Iraq where you just kind of knock out there yup and these are serious. these are serious foes what you start with the chain of esscalation. You don't know where it stops as the problem then you've committed American forces to it I don't know but who who wins his a candidate like Biden. Deceive say Captain Foreign Policy Repeat the veteran. I think it could shuffle the deck a little for for the D. L. O. Who knows where we'll be in a year with this one election that it may affect is the Israeli election Netanyahu's up on Tuesday his his whole you know one of his predicates is the threat the mortal threat that Iran poses to Israel Donald Trump's very popular there little sabre-rattling rolling in advance of that is not is not a bad thing? I remember once I A. Bb tried to hire me and I was unable to do it but we had an interesting conversation and his view which I thought was correct is that the fulcrum point of Israeli politics is always the topic of the election of domestic stuff labor. The opposition does well well but if it's security who'd and bb does well it does seem to be playing into his hands in the polls show BBC having a little comeback and just last week just last week he we had a a presser you know disclosing what he said were unknown here heretofore unknown Iranian you know nuclear Klier facilities and so you know he's leaning into that so we'll see what happens with that but we had some contre temps of our own of a different kind last week week in that democratic debate. I WanNa get to that in a minute but first I wanNA talk about insurance. Well you know exit. Exit is National Life Insurance. I bet you didn't know that most people don't that's why forty percent of people don't even think about life insurance and don't have any and people really should should think about.

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Donald Trump, President Trump, Middle East discussed on Hacks on Tap with David Axelrod and Mike Murphy

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