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Becoming a border Stephen back to you. Thanks bill. As we head into the spring real estate market. We can expect the days to grow longer the temperature's slowly rise and the whole world soon be filled with colored all that can be great for real estate as buyers and sellers C neighborhoods and the homes in them at the peak of their beauty. But what else can we expect? Let's get the spring weather forecast specifically tailored for real estate. From a pro joining us now is Paul past luck senior meteorologist and the chief US long-range forecaster at AccuWeather, Paul. Welcome to real estate today. Thanks for having me back again here. We're delighted you're here. So Paul now that we're all most in the spring market which begins this coming Wednesday. Hopefully, we're going to get a break from all the snow. We had especially in the late winter. So how are we looking in the spring of two? Thousand nineteen. Well, the one thing is compared to last year the transition going into spring is going to be a little bit easier than it was last year was really nasty all the way through the end of April, and especially from the midwest to the northeast with more snow and chilly temperatures, but the normal transition for the eastern half of the nation at least is setting up going forward. That's good to know. Because after all nice, mild weather is great for house hunting and how selling but the severe storms. They really stop it in its tracks. Yeah. That's the only problem. We have is. We do think there's going to be an uptick in severe weather, but in your more traditional area that you get hit. And that's in tornado alley in central and southern plain states farther east. Yes, there can't be some occasional severe weather, but it's the middle of the nation. We're going gonna watch out for as we get into the heart of severe weather season, April, and may well, let's start there Paul what are you expecting for the? Nations tornado alley areas the pattern actually setting very well. It looks like we're going to see systems coming out of the south west at times meeting up with some very warm and humid air in the traditional tornado alley places like from southern Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma into Texas could have a rough go in April, and may and you know, could be severe damage caused by multiple tornado outbreaks during the course of the season.

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