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Make make sure you use the code menace I now. Let's talk about the silver bullet defense against the Josh Gaddis Wolverine Off. It's really the Jim Harbaugh. Wolverine all fence right the question question. I have here and as I watch Michigan all year and I went back and watch four games yesterday on Thanksgiving believe it or not. What is their game? Plan going to be right now. Josh Gaddis is boasting boasted. The forty fifth forty. I most efficient passing attack. In the country. Fifty fifth most explosive the eighty fifth most efficient rushing attack in the country seventy sixth the most explosive their sixty first and sixtieth on third down red zone respectively. It has been a bad year. Offensively for Michigan. They you have a fifty five spot disadvantage in the menace analytics when they have the football and that is extremely concerning now shape. Patterson has to play. Well we all know that and what he has done well with his slew of receivers as throw the ball down the field. He's about the same field. Twenty one to forty five sixteen and two picks not as not as pawtucket lucked productive in scoring points on deep balls but in hitting them gaining junkyards. The question is how can Ohio state unsettling disrupt j unlike Justin feels when Shay Patterson is pressured he drops from sixty four percent completion to thirty eight percent completion. So how's things going to get after. Obviously that's the game plan with a guy like chase young. You would imagine when that would happen but the real question is how is Greg Maddison GonNa get chase young matched up on Jalen Mayfield. Michigan's right tackle. He's allowed twenty quarterback pressures pressure this year double his counterpart left tackle. Jon Runyan he is the greatest liability in pass protection in passing situations for Michigan. So how can Ohio state either get chase. This young matched up on him or with all the attention on chase. Young Kennedy Tyreek Smith Take Advantage of that Achilles heel of his Michigan. Offense offense the old line at Michigan has been horrific at times in Ed warners. Group have allowed forty nine qb pressures this year already now. That's only one more than Ohio states. Achilles yalies you on their own line so this is really about whose line can protect the quarterback editor to average. That's what we're looking at now. We'll say this. The into into your alignment the two guards and centers have been extremely solid and pass bropher Michigan. It's all it's all been the tackles. All three of the Interior. Linemen are in the top four pass grade wise lies in the big ten. So don't look for Dave on Hamilton or BB landers Jay Sean Cornell to get a lot done in the interior. Now you talk about the skill at Michigan they have some dynamic players. The most dynamic receiver with the ball in his hands for Michigan is Ronnie Bill. He forced his four. Some twelve miss tackles this year. He averages almost double any other receiver on the roster in yards after catch eleven yards after the catch now is one downfall to watch out for is he has butter fingers. He has seven drops on the year. It isn't as bad as J hamlet from Penn state but it's triple anyone else on Michigan's offense and what Ronnie Bell is not is a deep ball wide receiver ever. He's one of twelve on the year when targeted over twenty years. So don't expect a bunch of shots to runny bill. He's more of an intermediate possession receiver that makes a play after he catches the ball. Now they have some deep ball receivers Meco collins nine or fourteen sixty four percent over twenty yards Tariq Black fifty six percent over twenty yards. The funny one is Donovan People's Jones. WHO's I think? One of the best in the country overall. He's two of six on depots but he's also a lot like Chris Alavi over three when his left Tana's dominant hand so look for him to make plays when he's on the right hand side of shape. Patterson it's not something you commonly look at but you'll notice it and Ronnie Bell eight percent in over twenty yards so don't expect them to try to take shots to the reality of this past attack is how will that match up on Jeff. How Okuda performer? On Nico Collins that has to be the game plan get him on Nico Collins and then how can Sean Wade Blanket Ronnie Bell on those intermediate and short routes the other their key. That is less talked about when we look at this. Ohio state team is how the best free safety in the big ten and the third most effective cover posts safety Jordan fuller can impact hack these deep balls. That's what he does best. He is allowed a reception on fifty eight snaps in coverage every fifty eight snaps. He'll allow reception. That's third third in America. So his ability to read the scheme understand the passing concepts and really toy with shape. Patterson redes- is studying tendencies and be able to blanket blanket. The back of the defense is going to be huge and it should provide that last line of Defense for for Okuda Wade and Damon are net. Who has yet to allow a touchdown this year? The other thing I'm interested the DISEA- is how Josh Gad is trying to use the tight end nick eubanks on Pete Warner in the silver bullet linebackers because he is a possession tight end the Buckeye defense defense will need to sit on his routes. He is never been targeted over twenty yards downfield and I wouldn't expect that to change especially with the deep ball threats. They have out wide receiver mark. So it'll be how they can sit on his routes and how they can undercut his intermediate routes and don't allow him to make an impact in that intermediate idiot range. The in this atmosphere and whether Michigan will have to rely on a horrific run game to win the game jump balls downfield or not going to be as effective against the best cornerback in college football and another corner and Demon Arnett that has yet to allow a touchdown and that is the key. Michigan doesn't have a single running back averaging more or yards per carry than anyone in the backfield allow state not one guy against this rush defense at Ohio state. It will be worse than ever. So it'll be how. How can they run the ball? How effectively can they protect? Shay try to limit chase young and take shots down the field and who are they going to take them on on with. Who are they really going to plan to Attack Jeff Okuda I know Nico Collins is really good player in a deep ball threat? But that's the best corner in college football and then are they going to use runny bill to single up on Shaun Wade. I would imagine they're going to find ways to get Damon Damon Arnett and coverage. That's what I would imagine. They're gonNA try to do. And they're going to have to employ a quick pass game especially to get a rhythm for Patterson with chase young coming after them and the whole defensive line so it's GonNa be really interested in interesting to watch and I think I think it's an Ohio state victory but I think it's close and this is the most concerning matchup of the year for Ohio state state pre playoffs assuming it goes well the elements the past pro away in a rivalry game. This will be no walk in the park. But I expect the Buckeyes pull through win this game go on to win the big ten and take the number one seed in the college football playoffs. It's rivalry week. Man Get juiced up.

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