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Yours hope you're safe and healthy and mentally just you know maintaining I mean this is where most people are right now is you understand what's in front of us so you've got your face mask you're not going out very much staying at home but it's just the you know mentally is a really difficult so staying productive having some exercise and days like today get not get some sunshine well all that stuff should help can keep your by the rhythms in order so once and go to bed you can get some good rest and then wake up and hopefully have a decent day tomorrow we're doing our best we know we really limited the staffer sales people working from home office staff working from home even sports director Matt McCauley Jonny hill working from home as well so we're skeleton crew in the radio station it's great right now jump on the live line we welcome Dr summit Shaw from premier allergy and asthma you're like a lot other people trying to figure out ways to keep life moving forward but with all the social distancing so as I understand it Dr you're working with allergy patients asthma patients but you're doing that telemedicine is that right that's right we decided especially given you know the unprecedented time right now that we want to do our part and flatten the curve so we closed all our physical offices so we're no longer doing new creation appointments go follow up you know the allergy shots we can work together because we are providing telemedicine services from home where we could still see patients who are suffering with allergies and asthma might get them evaluated and get them treated and get the medicine that they might need you know during this tough time yeah that's great as I understand it this month April and may got to be the worst months for allergy sufferers yeah we have our spring allergy season here in central Ohio so we live in your little high valley so tree pollens are really starting right now you know if you're outside he's thirteen DEC water he's groggy kind of stepped up that's probably you know the tree pollens that are are in the air right now so it is a walk me through the the typical teleconference appointment you say you're not doing shots which I'm sure some people would want but other medicines you know you can call the pharmacy and make that available that's that's got to be a real help for people yes we are actually old we have electronic medical records with integrated through that so it's just the you know the same is coming into the office except we have a a secret service with arguments or we could talk to the patient see the patient get them evaluated and that you'll get a treatment plan certainly allergy immunotherapy or allergy shots are the best treatment for patients who have severe symptoms of allergies or asthma but right now we're putting that off yeah growing that people are suffering it's you know it's going home during their five doing their part to flatten the curve we figured this was the best this is the best solution in fact this month in the month of April going to people are in this tough situation and you know even maybe financially but in a tough spot to give back the community we're offering all our telemedicine appointments at absolutely no charge what is the weather yes when are you concerned they said doesn't matter what insurance coverage you have we're just you know we really felt like this was the right thing to do to get back to the community yeah well and it's smart to because you know what we know about the corona virus from patients that have gone before is that people that are compromised I have a much harder time with that I would imagine an asthma patient is absolutely fits in that category so you'll you know you would think that right now a piece of the early data from the CDC in from the quality I am a college as was actually not a risk factor okay so yes so that's that's you know because there's a we're learning more and more about their activities right about public ninety so I would say boaters here but as I look at some of the study to look at the recommendations right now they're not missing and without one you know that's an increase risk factor however I can tell you that cough and shortness of breath are you the primary symptoms that basically covered nineteen percent west and north of the with as well as well so you know it's absolutely crucial to get your asthma under control because you want to be able to differentiate Hey this might have been acting up or is this you know press possibly cope with nineteen runs so well then for folks that want to take advantage of your generation resolver what's the best way to get a hold of you they would just call the office phone number six one four three two eight nine ninety seven will go on the web request appointment through that you're just like you come in the office you call or call our office and they'll get you one of our board certified alors absolutely brilliant doctor someone shot thanks for the visit and the information this morning on news radio six ten WTVN sports so half hour ago we're chatted up with play by play man for the Indians Tom Hamilton great guy tell ya been doing at such a high level for such a long time well I I'm curious your thoughts on what he said about baseball's a proposal playing all the games out in in Arizona kind of line up with what you thought a little different yeah I think there's a lot of hurdles I I was interested in his opinion because I read the story much like our is baseball players are they really going to go for this and this Tom said he wonders if it's a trial balloon to see how they react and everybody reacts and I get it I mean I've got people on Twitter saying you had you can do it a hundred games season tickets and I mean if you read the story what they're asking it's I mean the as Tom said you're playing games in Arizona and throughout the course of the summer that is going to be ridiculously hot you've got you know multiple games in the same stadium the the plan they're talking about because there's only so many number stadiums I I just I don't know that they're asking the players we do need to get into this with Tom but they're asking the players to be completely isolated from their families the only time they're allowed out is to go to the ballpark play game and then go back it's just weird it's and I understand that the weary in weird times and you have to do all these precautions I just and maybe baseball players will want to do it because they want to play they want to get paid but it just seems like there's a lot of logistical hurdles as Tom said that for this plan to come off but we'll see maybe it will I don't know and into you know like he said you know maybe beef it up to thirty man roster because yeah I'm not going to have the arms for pitching and all that to to really get to the level you're used to my question is if let's say three of your thirty guys don't want to do it twenty seven do I mean do the three guys are they the hammer is it the the end of the majority wins I mean how do they how do they figure out like if you just like look I don't want to be away from my family and basically be sequestered to a hotel room or the ball park for who knows how long I'm not sure I want to do that if you got guys that doing guys that don't how do they figure out what to do it depends who the three hours old thirty three guys at the end of the bench they'll find three other guys if they're that there might throw you know Frankie Lynn door and you know you did superstar players yeah that's a problem okay so it's it's if you get the big names and everybody like that to fall line I mean the I think they can make it happen but I don't know that you're going to get the but we'll see yeah your start to get a sense of where people's passion is I mean is it might pass out of family is my passion the game you know imagine the single guy maybe wants to play were married guy with kids maybe doesn't I don't I don't know that but you're right there's a lot of extenuating circumstance that really can have impact on that decision yeah and also I mean to me trump spring training in mid may and starting at the beginning of June this with where we are I mean you know I think we're doing better and is here I hope you had a B. act and on the U. K. we're doing what we have to keep keep it up but that seems still seems awfully ambitious for where we are right now the starting to play baseball and may may we we had that idea earlier in the week guy thought Hey why not start baseball on July the fourth yes so if you make that your target date like Hey Happy Birthday America let's play ball you can you can still get that done and you wouldn't have to start for another month or two so yep yeah we'll see yeah can be fascinating how all of this rules out Major League Baseball NHL NBA Major League Soccer NFL college football college football the people that I follow you know the people I talk to and what I see on social media college football seems to be the one that most people are like they can't take that away from me I don't I mean what do you want to so I well anyway actually anywhere but you know you're just like look I I I gotta have something and if the if I get a pic from all the different options that are out there college football's on one I got I have yeah it is crazy scenarios about that about not playing into the fall playing it next year in the spring and hope who knows who knows yeah it's crazy well what he's mantra was to pay it forward and during this covert nineteen pandemic three big names Ohio state athletics are doing just that football coach Ryan day basketball coach Chris Holtmann athletic director gene Smith are teaming up to donate thirty five thousand dollars a month from now until August to the middle while food bank that's a total of a hundred and seventy five thousand Bucks many of you gave during our drive with the food bank that a food bank is still in urgent need right now date star obi Toppin completes a sweep of college basketball's major player of the year awards he wins the wooden award last night top in winning the wooden Naismith Oscar Robinson an eighty P. trophies are among others are we told you last week that Caleb Weston was at least looking to go to the NBA well two more big ten men are following suit Maryland's Jaylon Smith and illinois' Kofi Cockburn was the league's freshman of the.

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