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Has since I came to Tampa. He's been the nicest. He's been so great. He's great. He is. I remember meeting for the first time the next big thing. I was like oh my God. Big Papa oh, he gave me a heads up one night. I remember I was at a strip club. And he saw something on Twitter that he thought I might not know about that was going on involving any frigging DMZ, y'all. I don't know what you're doing right now. But I just want to look out. And I was like man who's nice enough to do. They did that to me also. What a what a dude he is. Yeah. He it's bigger than working for it. If a radio company gets it really really gets on early on. I met him when I was an intern. Well, why was it? Why is this guy who has some more insurance PD being nice to an intern? Form one day. One day. No time soon this Christopher cross song while we're talking about Christopher cross songs from the soap General Hospital. Think of Laura. This is a hell of a show. Did you watch I want? I had two years where I recorded and watched it every year every day, but this was like probably five years ago. Okay. So this is way back in the eighties with Luke and Laura when I started watching Luke and Laura had just gotten back together and Laura was locked in an insane asylum, and she finally got better. Tough time Sonny corinthos, and you know. Yes. Oh, yeah. What was your was your mouth? All my children. All my children Lucia, right. Yes. Isn't Lucci and days of our lives? I watched that because I'd get home, and my mom be watching that I go what the hell? Watts days. Our lives. I found myself getting into the plot. It's the worst stuff ever. How was it still? It's still on our soap still a dang. We saw these are people getting their big breaks off soap opera, still it's it's horrible acting stories. I gotta watch my stories at my mom watched another world way back in Massachusetts. She watched the doctors, which I think was in a hospital. There's just so much. You know, what I'm saying like every day for an hour. There's gotta be some bad acting. But in there, there's some brilliant acting as well. I mean, really really good stuff. Some of the best actors among us are are doing soap operas. There was a song about General Hospital called. There's actually like five guys that are in the newer age of General Hospital, and they have a band. They're called port. Chuck. They're called what work because you know, the show takes place in port Charles. Yeah. Jason's in the band. You gotta start on General Hospital or what what Ziga right? Prince. Okay. Oh, yeah. He's still on it from time to time field. Yeah. Dr Noah, Drake. Dr Patrick Drake is his son. He's a doctor and every once in a while his deadbeat dad will show up. I'll be damned Noah, Drake, still odd. I mean from time to time I don't know the last time he was. Got an, you know, people only know Rick Springfield for jesse's girl. He has some great songs that were not this on for example. I've done everything for you. You've done nothing for me. Check this out right here seems like a Springfield fame. You would've loved Haiti's. Check out this little jam right here. I've.

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