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I just don't really think she's that good, especially some of the quality of the lines up in here on the race, seven, the grade one forego. I'm going to single here. You gotta try to find a single these multi-race bets and one of my favorite horses of this entire year. And I guess maybe last year if you wanna county simmer twenty, six in the race in the Malibu, and that's the city of light might McCarthy's one of the most under appreciated trainers in the country. I think that city lights drawn. Perfect. Tely outside. Yeah, there's some good horses in here. So we'll equality types limousine liberal win more Ceesay rocket, but city of lights. The perfect trip sitting right outside gets the meets leading rider in Iran Ortiz. I'm sure drain wants to stick out west and keep winning all the races out there. But I think the city of lights gonna be extremely tough going seven. He was dangerous in Malibu. He's won a couple of Rada one's already going seventy, try the mile and a quarter cutting back. I think this horse, it's going to be extremely dangerous. A tactical speed to go with that. I'm going to single city of light onto the third leg, the sword, dancer setup, spa. This is one of those races where I think previous the previous Jonathan kitchen would've singled savage, but I've learned the hard way that this is not single single. I made that up because he's just the the way that he runs his race. These coming from off the pace always seems to find trouble or run into pay situations. I am going to use him, but I'm also going to use the six bigger picture. It was closing into a slow pace last time in the bowling green and finishing well on solve. Round and channel maker who was also closing into that same ground and that same pay. Somebody use the six, the seven and ten. I'm gonna fade all the other one's gonna. Leave fun. Tastic glorious empire. Last time was the time and spring quality got the jump at side, the home side of this joy of Belmont. I don't really want that horse in this spot and I've been trying to beat high all all year. I'm going to try to that horse again onto the Travers spreading event for me. I'm gonna use the three gone cow ski off the big one at Belmont, workout reports of just this is doing really well. I'm going to use the seven king Zachary another one that's been working well, they'll Romans get these horses to try to come along throughout the summer. Ask American Farrow and key. Nice. I'm gonna use Mendelson gonna give it another shot. I'm going to respect Aidan O'Brien. The horsemen that he is that he put the source on the plane for a reason. I'm going to give them one more shot going mile and a quarter on a fast on fast ground. The one turn mile last time might have been a little too much for him. Let's you, he'll do a mile and a quarter. Good magic. Obviously the Haskell winter. Chad, Brown, talented, talented, an will. You can't leave him off in Catholic boy, the gritty gritty, gritty, horse of the bunch..

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