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A lot of a lot of no-shows today something else must be distracting. Our callers daniel in starkville. Hello daniel paul. We're out of your mississippi. How you doing today. We're doing great. How about you doing good. I just wanted to call you and talk about this showdown this weekend here. Starkville mississippi we're taking on the nc state will back. They don't know this train. They're running into in fact. I ran into an nc state fan today. There was pretty confident. I didn't i didn't wanna burst her bubble about we're the atmosphere that the pack. Whatever they call them we'll be entering. I think last week was a ruse by mike leach. He wanted to him. He didn't want he didn't want dave doran and nc state to have anything good on filmed. Look at you know paul. they're coming into. Stadium has been two years since our last night game. Everybody's been drinking liquor all day. They're coming into iraq as environment. And we're about to stop them. I thought i thought mississippi was a dry state. I'm surprised to hear that. Hey thanks for the call. Daniel enjoy the night. It's a really big game. State with a wind can can really put themselves in a strong position with lsu coming in a couple of weeks. Thank you for the call lou in michigan. Hello lou hi. Paul i like you and i like your show and i was happy to see laura on your show last friday. I hope she gets to be on it more often. She will be on tomorrow night. Oh good i'll be watching and Good luck to you. Thank you so much. You take care of yourself. Up in michigan erin in missouri. Hello darren. I'm sorry baron be spellcheck available tonight. It happened lake ozark missouri but actually played basketball at tennessee. Martin but i have a cousin that play Basketball university of arkansas fan so Think arsov got a great chance. Weekend i think it's gonna be upset tom. Who your thoughts on that. yeah. I'm i'm still debating this game. I think arkansas has got a real good chance to win. I agree but i am not sure i can make a. I'll think more about tomorrow when we talked to sam and i always want to look to see when we have an opportunity to talk to the coach on friday. I want i'm going to. I'm going to take a look at this guy. And i think i'm gonna like what i see. I think you will too. Hey good to hear from you and you take care yourself. Let's talk to drew in georgia helicopter. Hey paul this is drew stationed at fort stewart. Got now but i'm from georgia. Oh great and Yeah me and my grandpa My grandpa passed away this last this last year. But he'd be tickled to death on the show but uh we're huge fans and I just hear a lot of outside noise like per month. The national media bell. I guess how. Georgia didn't put up three points this last weekend. Or whatever but i was wondering what your take is online. Nobody's gonna talking about how good clinton is probably going to end up. Being far as defensively drank in the nation they had a lot of offense pieces but defensively. You know they're still pretty stacked. I think well I agree with you by the way. how how. How long have you been in the army man a couple of years this year. What's great. well. I so sorry to hear about your grandfather but i'm sure he was very proud of you appreciate this. Well i feel pretty good. I i think i think i think the dogs are going to be just fine russo. You take care of yourself Be safe and thank you very much for the call. Let's continue and talk to aubrey kentucky. Hello aubrey now. My favorite Cosworth cat daddy and so first of all. How old are you though eight. You might be one of our youngest callers You sound great. Well we all like cat daddy and squirrel. I i understand daddy. What's what is there about squirrel that you like other than his name. Say put a picture of world on that too when you're when you're nickname is squirrel. And when you're when you're picture is as coral i. I can understand why people might like that aubrey. Who who do you root for are you. Are you a kentucky fan. Iheart radio no. No we love we. Can we talk aggies now. Hold on a second. Aubrey had had an aggie fan. Get in the middle of kentucky is worked for 'em university okay. Well that that is a perfectly good answer We can talk about the aggies. Wanna ask paul. My daughter wants to haul. My daughter wants to know the agassi's having a tough time in this question out do they have enough Backups and Depth chart so that they get tired and the high altitude i know may not be a big deal. But aubrey's dad that's a good question I think they do. I think this is a little bit of a nervous game for aggies. And yeah i mean it is different when you play in the games a mile house stadium. I think i speak for itself. There is definitely a difference. But i also believe when you are as conditioned as these athletes are. It should not be a big deal. So i am not thinking. That's going to factor the game. Well thanks so much for the call and you guys take care of yourself. How 'bout Mike in texas a hey my go right ahead. Hey hey they're still under there Stove first off the all this guy that called probably not ten minutes ago. Said they're gonna kill. He was the quarterback in ninety one. We got hit in the head too much. 'cause there's no way it's good to be none zero not it market down so called paul to ask you some okay. I'm a gambling man..

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