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Org a week from tomorrow in waterbury connecticut folks we larry kelly's coming frankie pace you'll laugh until you stop we have that and we also have the nine cents the the idiocy of the groundhog day ceremony seven twenty five ten minutes away from paksitani and uh the the stupid mirror in new york city who bodyslammed the groundhog islands zoom's what was it seven years ago yeah no actually has less and less like five years ago fewer he will not be there balch paging professor powell her he will be there see you have that as well as tim i mrs the same way i can't send the guy in email without getting some grammatical error explained to me two minutes later it's annoying i get it why don't say everything the right way every time my syntax is in arabic listen i guy i don't gotta say got the right way right we may allow tony is just following what i am as does i be what i'd be but if he'll i always go up the me in the eye mian bernie bernie in i inevitably i do it wrong and he has to correct me bernie fit a a one other rub big item of course we'll get into tom brady yet kissing his son next hour right but uh this uh he's he a point of contention kissing a kitties days well well it's it's it's a you know it's a it's a whole conversation we're out of the i wanted to do it now it was it they lingered a little let's put it that way it lasted for twenty two hat on did you had to let it linger or i pee cranberries not listen it was cute but that we were again next hour crowded we have uh natalie wood robert wagner is now uh the pointing the finger at he's a person of interest right now what about the statute of limitations does that not kicked annexed on ice statue limitation alberto right now murder the reason on and uh again when they interviewed the captain of the.

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