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A homegrown terrorists. That's what investigators are calling the eighteen year old suspect in last week's officer involved shooting in fountain hills Maricopa County sheriff Paul Penzone says Ismael Hamad called nine one one requesting to speak to a deputy in person. He made some statements during that call to indicate affiliation with a tear ideology. One of our deputies who was in the district at that time went out to his car initially to review the call. Penzone says I'm Ed was not on the FBI's watchlist. He's facing two counts of terrorism. A traffic stop in Tucson led to a big drug bust at a home there. The Pima county sheriff's office says they pulled over a man who had nearly two thousand dollars worth of individually wrapped Baggies of cocaine heroin meth and Fenton all in his car. Then a search of his home recovered guns, ten thousand sentinel pills, more than eleven pounds of heroin six pounds of coke and nine pounds of meth. The stuff is valued at four hundred thousand dollars the lady. Now on the hacienda healthcare investigation. The facility has agreed to hire a third party manager at the request of Arizona agencies in a letter from hacienda. They say, quote, we believe the best path forward is for us to identify and retain a qualified third party manager as directed. This. Demand comes in addition to a list of corrective actions sent by the states Medicaid program in the department of economic security sent on January seventh those actions include security improvements as well as regular s CD and pregnancy tests for hacienda residents in this all comes after a woman in a long-term vegetative state was sexually assaulted and gave birth last month. Taylor interrupt KTAR news as the investigation continues into the discovery of a deceased.

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