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What was the name of that episode and why? Yeah. You've heard US talk about the nexium. Sex cult sex call on HBO Beautiful Beautiful Huge Documentary. Huge. Yeah. Beautiful. It's only chug out so they haven't even gotten into anywhere close to a conviction, but but in this episode nine but yeah, it's fascinating that this guy. Could convince Hollywood actresses and all this shit to be in a sex colts. Namely Allison Mack who who starred in Superman or super boy or whatever the fuck it was on on cw for eighteen years or however long that show was on. SMALLVILLE. Yeah that's it. That's the super boy nothing. Super Baby. SMALLVILLE she was on Smallville for thirty years right and. She was the leader. It was she was a CO leader with Keith Ranieri of this sex Colt and they were able to bring all these women and have sex with them for years and years and years, and we're getting branded. Yeah. It was a slave master sex cope. With a little bit of racketeering and sex trafficking and. Free. Was it free some kind of labor. Waiver laws because they would get people to work like non stop for them for free. Because they had collateral on them right. So you should definitely see that documentary or read literally anything about nexium. So the thanks the collateral was and it's an ex IBM. In the collateral was you had to. Reveal something personal about yourself. Be Video or photographs right. So we're talking Dick. Pics Pussy shots all that stuff or you gotta get on video and say, all right. I sucked off my cousin at a barbecue once in eighty four was your story is so it's called collateral. Thing over Classic Predator move writes. that. Just anyone that like preys on young kids or anything like that has does something like that to get rights. So that way they can save you don't do this with I'm going to tell the world. It's very similar to scientologist scientologists the same way when you when you pop in there and you take that quiz and again to give you a quick refresher and scientology no. So this couple episodes can't be too dumb. To Smart. That's that's the rules there. Your I Q is GonNa. Lineup right in the middle. So you can just brainwash because if you're dominos fall asleep during all that shit produce more, you'll be like Oh this is bullshit. GotTa get you right in the middle there. Need to be vulnerable in some way, and that is pretty much across the board with every Colt as you know. I love love. So with that, after that, you pass the process and then they film you for hours and hours and hours, and usually scientology makes you talk about your entire sex history in your life. Or what you WANNA do not want to do, and the reason why they have like Tom Cruise and Travolta and all those guys is obviously looked in the camera and it was like I'm homosexual area to hide it because I'm a movie star and Blah Blah Blah. So the rumor goes. Or if you've just been ever open mouth kiss on the mouth by John Travolta. And then they hold these tapes in a volt forever and ever, and then they threatened to release them, and then once you leave that can hold that over you Allah. Nicole Kidman she's never said one word about scientology neither is Katie Holmes and. You can just live out your life. I'm not sure what Nicole Kidman's deal is though I mean she's married to beard's in a row. With Tom Cruise and then super straight. Keith Urban I. Don't know if she's wants a buddy like a shopping buddy or something, but whatever it is there is women like that. You enjoy that. You know it's just like I just want companionship I don't really WanNa have sex I just want to a companion right and. The same thing is true with this sex cult nexium where you've got to give this collateral. They're holding something over you. And then they're chicken you to answer the phone within sixty seconds and all this other shits They're. Using all the same tactics that most colty to which is like sleep deprivation and all donations. Yeah Calorie counting. Rewards I. Certain things that are you know different Levels to the Colt Right Greg de wear of any self-help place that you can like, get to a level ya by doing certain things. So Keith Ranieri was sentenced on Tuesday. For Con- convicted of sex trafficking, forced labor, conspiracy, human trafficking, and multiple counts of racketeering. Means everybody does. A hundred and twenty years. In prison. So Allison mack go as well. She's waiting to be sentenced. She pleaded guilty to all those two because it was those two and then the main money source to this entire Colt was the Seagram's air. The daughters two daughters to the Seagram's alcohol fortune corrects big fantasy room seventy thousand. Bottles James. Stuff. Wine Coolers was there anything better than a fucking? Being in J. Wine Cooler. Along somebody in the message boards was asking me if I knew Danny Masterson, he was scientologist. Yes. I did I use place? We're on the same softball team. That's the thing. IS LIKE DUDE Most of those guys in scientology really talk about it and they didn't they didn't really recruit you. Now this it seemed different like they were actively trying to recruit young women. Of. A certain body type in frame and all this other shit into this next thing. So with Keith were near getting sentenced to a hundred and twenty years in prison. The speculation now is that because allison mack is up next SMALLVILLE. She'd be living in a small cell for around forty five years is what they're guessing. They're so pretty close to the end of her life as well. In which she should be. I mean, she was. Branding people in all that shit. The one thing that I still have a difficult time figuring out is most of these sex cult guys are unattractive. How are they able to pull this off like if you look at his Keith Rainier Guy In no way shape or form should he be able to pull all this poon? I don't understand it. and I don't understand how the girl from smallville get sucked into this. Yeah. Well, she was a Weirdo. She's weird but it's like, Hey, man, she's a Weirdo she had some issues but go off a looks to you know watching all of these videos on HBO and him playing volleyball the time for hours. And just you know I get it I know what he was trying to do. It's a team sport. He was good at it. They were bad at it. He could yell at them they can look up to him and Blah Blah. Blah. It's a perfect sport for sex, right? Yeah it's a vibe. Yeah. You can drink cranberry juice and play I can. fleetwood Mac, you play volleyball. The whole volleyball thing. Survive. To survive, he's trying to catch it. And everyone got stuck into it. You know they did was fun time that folly ballpark. was. Get. It always looks like a blast So he's going away for forever. She's going away forever. That's kind of how all of this shakes out You know for anybody starting to sex code out there. Now I feel like I. Feel Bad. It's going to be hard to now. People are wising up to it I just wonder what the next one is. That's my that's my thing. Now, what's the next one? The next sex colt. Yeah. What is what's the next Coltie thing going to be? What is that? I I have a feeling. It's going to be something like disease related. Like with this covert thing. where it's like, Hey, men were going to form our own thing and it's because we're we have the antibodies are we've had it or? Right. We don't trust the rest of the world and we don't. We don't want the vaccines or something like that, and they'll have this colt where it's like everybody's clean and you can have. Sex with each other and then you're all good. Guess. Antitax cult for sure. Yes. Right I think there will be some form of. Arizona always go like Oregon, for these things no north cold for them. It'd be fucking outdoors a lot a lot of like it, but it's the woods. Found in it's you know all these docs where you watch these colts what was the gas you? Know. What's. The Rationale? Yeah while long country that was in Oregon right. Now. There's one going on right now and you don't actually have to go that far. Where's here in Austin but It's a gym. That's.

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