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Of social media. Your information station is wtmj. Kevin well, citing unlimited WTMJ news time coming up on 8 10 on the field inside the clubhouse. Everything in between. This is Brewer's weekly. Why, from the Annex Wealth Management studios at Radio City Here's Mack Holling. We have quite a show tonight. We'll just tell you in about five minutes. Jordan Zimmerman is going to join us. Newest Brewers pitcher Mildly contract invite to spring training, He'll try to Ah Make the club join the rotation. Guy says he has a lot left in the tank. And if he if he looks anything like who he was in Washington, my goodness that Zbig addition for the Brewers. He's been battling some injuries the last few years. The numbers have not been is good with the with the tiger, so we'll talk with him coming up in just a few minutes. Ryan Braun spoke with Adama Calvi of brewers dot com this past week says right now he has no intention of plane. But he is continuing to stay in shape. What does that mean? What does that mean? I'll tell you what I think it means we'll do that coming up later on the hour, we'll talk about in game video. It is coming back in a way, if you remember if you have followed along through everything that's happened. And this in this world we live in sometimes two areas kind of collide and with the end game video and Major League baseball It was a case of covert protocols and the reaction to the Astros cheating scandal colliding when they closed down all the video rooms because you already had the scandal and Major league Baseball was trying to make sure that there was no funny business going on with the video, and then you don't want people congregating in these video rooms together. When you got Cove it going strong. So last year, there was no in game video. When hitters got done with that bats. There was no way for them to go Look at the video, and you might not think it's a big deal and kind on the surface level. I understand what people don't think It's a big deal. Let me tell you That's a big deal. It's a really big deal. Ah lot of hitters and major League baseball heavily rely on the end game video and it was not coming to them during during the season this past year and Often ill. I've said this statistic nine million times since the season ended, the Brewers just had their worst season hitting ever worst season ever worst team batting average ever. And they were second in the National League Central in here. It is. It is one of the most astounding statistics that I've ever seen in my years of being around baseball, and there are a lot of reasons that that's true. But one of those reasons, absolutely, was the not having video anymore. In game video going to be back in a way, although video rooms will not be back. Explain that coming up later on in the hour as well, if you want to join us, you can always do so. 85561616 22 take 5561616 20 That is the accident. Mortgage talking text line You could tweet at me at Matt Paulie on air M h E t p A u l E Y on air Brewers pitcher Jordan Zimmermann. He joins us. Next is Brewer's weekly back with more brewers weekly. After this, your noses her breathing your mouth is for eating, and if you're breathing through your mouth, it's not because your body wants to. It's because it has to, because your nose isn't working properly. And.

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