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Good Gus how about yourself man doing wonderful. I cannot wait to hear some stories from our guest today. just you know. We played the same position we played for the same team. We've I've watched this guy when I was growing up just an tremendous. NFL Player player had one of the worst injuries anybody's ever had on a NFL field And just had an incredible college careers. Well up played for one of the a great programs in the history of College Football Notre Dame. This story of his heisman campaign is really interesting to actually changed his name in order a better fit the campaign. Yeah and I you know. I can't wait to hear from Joe Theismann if his favourite. NFL Stadium is the same as mine. RFK RFK the Joe. I don't know about you but RFK's still my favorite Stadium I agree. You know and it's great to join you guys too. Thanks for having me I just you know it i. I've traveled to all the different stadiums. And Gus you've been seeing them too and there was. There's something special about our K.. In to a degree the Raider fans had that in Oakland Alameda because they were both baseball. Stadium's really the configuration was what the proximity of the fans. Because with football stadiums walls tend to get higher and Gus. You're very familiar without high. The walls on I like to get that in your note. I didn't just throw it see. I didn't just throw it out there. I segue into it. I liked when I talked about when I talked about the the height of the world. But it was. You know it's like the end zone seating In in in Oakland the end zone CD in our state. You're right there the fans are right. There they're right on top of you and it was a really special place to play and I. I believe they're gonNA tear down the stadium. I know that was sad when I heard that I when I heard that yeah me too. I told them what they should do. Is Start selling the seats L.. I I'd love to have a couple of those like you know what I you know. Wh what I'm going to suggest to them. Why don't we figure out a charity? And then what we'll do is basically as you take the stadium apart. There are things that people there are still some of us that are you know. Remember it and have great memories of it they would love to have the the back of a seat or a seat or something like that and then we wind up doing is like do an autograph session. You sign him or you auction off to charity and then you take the money that that you raise and you go out and and do something good with I mean is this just one just one last thing for the old girl right. Yeah you're always thinking Joe that's for sure that's for sure. I like that idea. Yeah but no we appreciate you coming on and being in the Hudson and we really want to start back to when you were a kid kid and your first experience and what was the first thing in your life that gave you the love of sports. Jeez I grew up. I from my earliest days. That I can remember I grew up two blocks from my high school two blocks from my grammar school literally if I walk out my front door and these weren't big blocks. We're not talking city blocks. I'm talking maybe eight nine houses so it it you know. About Twenty houses up the Rhode was the entrance to to Campbell school. And and where you know I I played in. The high school was located right behind it so in grammar school we had the tennis courts we had the baseball diamonds football fields everything that was available to us. And you know when I was a kid I just picked. I just started picking up a ball I got involved Out and Little League Baseball. And then I got involved in Pop Warner Football. My mom would let me play for two years. She wouldn't let me play Pop Warner football until I was twelve when a buddy of mine and Tommy who ultimately went on to be an FBI agent for thirty years He he he came to the house in a full uniform so other could see how protected I was and then she and then she gave me okay for me to play football. And and that's SORTA launched the Caribbean. I always you know six seven years old. I was always throwing the ball around my cousin. Billy lived right next door so we were always had a little yard in between us and it was at that yard where we you know. We had the family gatherings and we would play softball. and Ah the yard was. Gosh was a postage stamp. When I when I DRIV- I've driven back to my hometown on a couple of occasions and I look at the yard? It's actually still in between the two houses and I think when you're a little kid it looks like a football. I was the best place you could ever imagine being. Yeah I mean you had the diamond setup for baseball yet the football set up there and then you know you play stickball We would play You take a rubber ball and bounce it off the curb. That's do that for hours. I'd kids wouldn't do that anymore now. They could do it now. They could do with video game. Why wasted time to go out and do it physically? And that's one of the things I I do feel for the younger people today. A little bit is the the outside experiences social experiences that we had and to a degree the innocence that existed when we were kids growing up. it's tough being a kid today. It's tough being a young adult and And so I I I understand I feel for them will joke. We credit your friend Tommy for if he doesn't show your door that day in full pads you may have never played football. Nabiama may have never let me play lake truthfully we you know we've tried for two years. I mean I was eligible to play Pop Warner at the age of ten note. Not GonNa let you do it age. Eleven note not GonNa let you do do it. Well h twelve not gonNa let you do. Tommy you gotTa help me. Tommy comes over and for your Mama Okay. You look like you're going to be protected and I always tell my mom My mom was with us in this world. And she's got onto a bigger and better place now but It was funny. She said when I was twelve she I I remember this vividly. She said I'm so afraid you're GONNA get hurt and when I broke my leg my leg was broken in eighty five. I called my my mom and I said Is that a when I was laying on the field and BUBBA tyrod trump came out or laying on the field. I turned the first thing I said the first thing I said I turned to Bubba Bubba. Please call mom and tell her. I'm okay now the first thing I said and then then I saw my mother and I said see mom. Your wish finally came true. I did get her so you know. Read full it went full cycle for us. As far as MOM and son go right I can imagine that the good run up until that point. I think there are a few little nickel along the way but that was the big one that was a that was a major one. I would have to say so joe one of the the things we love to ask every guest for when they were kid in Davie think we're about ninety percent right now yes is that. Did you play wiffle ball as as a kid. Oh Heck yes absolutely you know you had the end and I mean it was there. Were of course there were different size. Footballs to you. Remember that there you had you had bigger ones where you really started to hit. And then you've got the smaller ones where you could throw curves and and sinkers and everything else with it. So Oh yeah. I played We used to play stickball off the wall. It at the school and wiffle ball was was part of it. And you know the neat the thing was is we. Would we would take chuck and we would walk off the basis and we withdraw basis with chalk on the asphalt. And all that Kinda I just absolutely I played well. What is funny is that we did all that to David? I love talking about that because the kids today. You never see somebody in a field. You never see him mouth when they don't have to be doing those kinds of things they're experimenting. We were talking about how we would get a bat and a you know. Take a phone piece of foam. My Dad used to bring bring back from the and we play stickball like you. You just made sports up and kids just through so right. They're missing that today. They they are to a degree it and you know. Society's changed so much and obviously social media has made a world of difference in all of the Games I mean look at look at the uh the competition they have when it comes to The Games you know your your gamers. I mean Ninja. Yeah I I had the chance to meet Ninja Who is you know? Fortnight's ultimate Gamer. I had a chance to meet the young man out at the. SP's he's a couple of years ago terrific young man. He generates darn near a million dollars a month and endorsement. I mean nobody's hitting so who who cares if somebody's making twelve million a year playing football. You're not getting hit. You're not getting beat up. You become a big time. Gamer people pay. Hey to watch people pay to watch him play fortnight. Yeah they they log on and I mean. I wasn't aware of all this. It was really funny. We got our picture taken can together and I tweeted it out and I got like three hundred responses all man. You Bet. Ninja Wild Lincoln. Okay yes. I entered better to do a new realm of life here but right it's it's it's different for kids today. I think they have A. There's a lot of different pressures that they go. Oh through And you know you see whistled. I you know what they do. You know where you see. Kids is at the beach in the summertime. Or you're out in California or down in Florida someplace where there's a beach you'll see you'll see frisbees you'll see wiffle ball you'll see football games that sort of the one place where you see that that quote unquote extracurricular type of activity. Now they are the wiffle ball kit hit though with the ball attached to the bat that you'd see like drugstores and stuff like that it is harder to find it solve. We have to have the kids in a place where there's nothing nothing else like. There's no Wi fis no go play yet. They could have. They're just can't have Wifi can actually and oh you know you're talking about sports but there's two hundred college is going to be by the end of the sheer. That give full scholarships for plays sports which is amazing. You know that you know they're credible. I mean the yeah. I mean the the the curriculum that's available to to kids today. Both high school and collegiate level. You know it's it's a funny thing though because I know part of what you guys deal with is the social aspect of life to and I. I'm all for for having a degree in technology but I asked people this when it comes to vocations. Who's GonNa when you have a problem in your house with your plumbing?.

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