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Both sides might include whatever the case is but they can't do it. I think that they should do it. That they should throw the value chart to the wind and make the move. I don't know if they ever will do that. Which makes me wonder how they're going to end up with the franchise quarterback so two things you brought up here. That were very interesting to me. The one thing is the first thing about shawn watts. So you asked me this question. Two months ago. I'm a big value chart guy. I like analytics as much as i like watching football and all that so i would have said no. Will you know three first round picks couple of defensive starters. All bad is too rich to mean that went out that that that logic is of thrown out the door. Because it's desperate time. Like don't wanna seem desperate. They don't wanna admit they're desperate but they have a roster. That really has a window. Twenty twenty one. Twenty twenty twos window is still a giant question. Mark and the rams went all in push the chips that table and went and got matthew stafford. The arizona cardinals had in my opinion. Top twelve quarterback in tyler murray seattle seahawks as long as russell wilson pete carroll there. I don't know if they'll ever winning super bowl again but they're gonna win ten football games and it's needed so that means that the niners to compete they they gotta get desperate your shawn watson cap it in twenty twenty one is only ten point five two million dollars theoretically you can have the absolute most stack roster with shawn watson and twenty twenty one and don't make a run and go all in on twenty twenty one so that's one thing i wanted to say the other thing i wanted to say. Is you brought up. The idea of quarterback is one of those positions to you that go beyond value. And you know to me. It's actually one of the funniest things in sports because everybody wants to be idealistic and noble. Say you do whatever you can go. Get your franchise quarterback and then teams do whatever they can to go get their franchise quarterback and they say they paid we. The niners were smart to balk at the price. Stafford on iran's did everything they can to go get him but they were stupid. The the niners smart. Well that that doesn't wind up to me. It's it's either. You do whatever you can to go. Get him when you get him. You have to compliment the team that got him or it's because the line of thinking is whenever somebody goes all in. We criticize it puts me. What the rams are doing while it's crazy while it's something that i would never do while it's goes against everything i've ever learned in the last fifteen years of my life watching football it's respectable and commendable from the standpoint of. They really understand their their option. After treating for jaylen ramsey's either to win this year next year. Not win again. Because they don't pick they don't have capital and they don't have money to move around and so they didn't think golf was the guy they were right about that in my opinion and they went and got a guy who under On particularly very high on matthew stafford. And i'm excited to see how it turns out with them. But i think you bring up that great point that when people say i mean i'll shanahan said it when you see a guy can be one of the five best guys in the league. Do whatever you can to go down on. That guy is right there in the shawn watson. he's not be. he is one of the five best is in the league. So we'll see if they do do whatever they can to get. I just don't understand it. You don't get extra points if you win a super bowl without getting to shawn watson. it's not worth more than a super bowl that you would win if you got him and it worked out. You don't get extra points for sticking to your value chart like it's a pass fail business and the forty niners regime and i love kyle. Shanahan love him. I think he's amazing but they have failed basically pretty spectacularly for three out of the four years. Let's be honest like there's no other way to put it. I know this context and circumstances there. And i get it. But the rams strategy is working they renting. They're going to the playoffs. The forty niners are not and they're not even that close really so i just. I hope that they see that. It's time like you said kind of to get desperate to make a move because just doing what you're doing. Hope is not a strategy. The big thing for them is. I think i think like this context of talking about what's matters organization to organization right. He's not the right fit for every organization. The reasons the right fit for the niners is because there isn't a long term plan here with the forty niners. They're still not committed to jimmy garoppolo so even if they run it back. Bring a ton of guys back. They're still not one hundred percent. Restructuring garoppolos contract insane. He's the.

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