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Steve Chris Hanisch the news who sponsored by grand view homes a woman is killed in an apartment fire in Chicago and the light sounds good on the board of the winter meetings acquiring a right fielder in business global stocks are mixed our futures are negative this morning heading to the opening bell on Wall Street now WGN traffic with very bad about just be aware a little bit of dusting of snow in some roadways this morning especially to the south causing some difficulties especially coming in on fifty five this morning and see what two ninety four it's slow more delays from Harlem all the way to kids about forty six in from the tri state north on after US thirty we still an accident blocking the two left lanes evens okay out on in the Kennedy to the airport about fifty five minutes with an accident at I. one ninety in the two left lanes invented acts in the express at Ohio forty six in from here thirty locals express our I. forty eight because of that accident about Eisenhower fifty from three ninety thirty four from Mannheim accident seventeenth is now off to the side forty two out of three ninety the Ryan about twenty two from ninety fifth there's a forty seven cottage Grove fifty seven not too bad lake shore drive just some build up into Jackson the rest of the tolls are in good shape backs and also Hubble to road in your I. eighty I merry band about from the auto traffic center reminding you to drive responsibly really is a matter of life or death and now the WGN Chicago weather center forecast here's meteorologist Tim McGill a few flurries early today or a little bit like stone areas west and south the city in particular then becoming mostly sunny for later on this morning toward this afternoon another cold on the hive just twenty five little bit breezy so feel even colder than that becoming mostly cloudy tonight a law banning out early tonight.

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