Salama Nazi, Ted Kennedy, Barack Obama discussed on The Mark Levin Show


Not one nothing national security i mention the salama nazi regime in tehran look what's going on north korea a single damn thought frenetic democrat about what to do about it now learn how about john mccain nothing our economies growing at a paltry wanted i have to join a percent a year yes i remember the reagan years where it grew at seven percent this is why we talk about how many people were in a meeting with donald trump junior whether it's not a single allegation that anything wrong occurred in that meeting in fact democrats and pseudo conservatives are sitting on the edge of their chairs hoping that something wrong took place in the meeting digging and digging a digging at what perhaps we look over here there were supposed to look over there than we look over here the new york times and cnn the washington post msnbc driving the nation's agenda what is the nation's your gender we've got a special council already barack obama eight years of lawlessness irs fast and furious ignoring court decisions violating the constitution that of course didn't upset but media that didn't upset the democrats they were cheering every step of the way it's disgusting it's a disgrace what's going on in this country we've got a bureaucracy out of control we have leaks occurring every single day felonies every single day coming out of our intelligence agencies coming out of our federal law enforcement agencies it's now comet place it's now accept it and now we need to know how many russians i don't care if they're upset the russians and the damn meeting how do you like that if nothing wrong was done that nothing wrong was done any time we made it to you win now that is collusion what they're freak show that exists there the genocidal maniac said exists there we need lectures from nancy pelosi who met with assad to undermine bausch every single democrat in congress has been silent when information came out about their great hero ted kennedy not colluding.

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