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And welcome to the ninetieth ninety extra time podcast meet rub hct. Everybody had a great weekend. No we had a nice weekend here. In germany we had some decent weather had some decent football going on. Let's let's get into it. I'm gonna start just by going over the scores of the premier league which unfortunately this weekend. I didn't get to watch too much of did see some highlights. Let's see friday we had ashton villa to everton zero and what's going on with every ten scored in the last two matches assabil newly promoted. They seem like they're poise to at least stay in the premier league for next season. We'll see on saturday. We had chill c. Three three. No it city to this game was actually in norwich city franklin part though got his first win as a manager of chelsea so lot of goals in this game but as i mentioned didn't see it. I'm sure was probably a pretty decent game next we had uh brightening hope albion zero southampton two and last week. We had a shock with p._s. G losing but this weekend again. It seemed like it was in the premier league manchester united won crystal palace to that's just just tragic. I'm sure that nobody expected crystal palace to to beat menu especially at old trafford next match we ed sheffield united one lesser city to not really too much to say they're watt for west ham three and then and the game that i got the updates for didn't didn't watch and here's a lot a lot of talk about you know how the lineup was going to be and the are so manager. Manager was saying that there was going to be some shocks some changes but still similar result to how it always is liverpool three arsenal one. One arsenal seems like they. I don't know they have a long way to go. It seems like but liverpool is just you know maintaining from from last season. They have not stopped then yesterday. We had board one manchester city three now. I didn't see any highlights of this game. In my <hes> my news feed. I saw a lot about a penalty. That looked like it should have happened and it just seems like manchester. City has not been having a lot of luck with far this year. <hes> pep guardiola did his post was calm or excuse me post game press conference and when asked about it. He just didn't want to get in trouble but he was like. Don't ask me about far talk to the var officials both so we'll see what happens with them. Hopefully you know every week. Far won't be biting manchester city. <hes> next week had tottenham zero newcastle one another surprise result and then wolves one burnley one one not too much really to say about the premier league for this week aside from that manchester united result and you know what happened with <hes> with man city as it stands right now the the table in the premier league got liverpool nine points in three games number-one mantis or city second with seven points arsenal surprise in in third and leicester so city in fourth manchester united in that fifth europa league spot and bottom three. We got southampton with three points new castle with three points and then waterford in last with zero points and a minus six goal differential.

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