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That they are not doing something good I can understand that But I mean again politicians have no problem throwing people under the bus If these people are being overpaid what is it to Joe Biden I mean I don't understand it If it's a major campaign contributor or something I can understand that but the protecting unelected bureaucrats I don't get it I mean to me you could make yourself out to look like a hero maybe more than you actually are by just simply demanding the transparency I'm just missing what's in it for the elected officials They're missing something here They're making themselves look worse than they need to Well maybe but Washington D.C. is such a mess because our local units of government and our states are a mess And by the time they get to Washington D.C. they've learned their lessons locally So take for example take for example our court case in California So think about this At the federal level since 2001 it was the legendary U.S. senator doctor Tom coburn not an Oklahoma who reached across the aisle and partnered within Illinois senator Barack Obama they sponsored the legislation that opened up the federal checkbook to sunshine And that was 2006 the legislation We've got the federal checkbook line by line back to 2001 In 49 out of 50 states we've also captured their line by line checkbooks Only in the Golden State only in California do they refuse to turn over even a single transaction subject to our open records request and the controller Betty yee she admits in court she paid 50 million bills last year And again refuses she says quote unquote her words she can't locate a single transaction to turn it over to us subject to our sunshine request Now she's saying that in order to comply with the request she's actually arguing this to the Sacramento superior court judge that they would have to manually handle all 50 million lines They'd have to look at it by hand 15 million times These are the arguments being made in court This is what the citizens in this country are up.

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