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If you want the gift, please use the coupon code at checkout PR. E. P. Coat. Fantastic I know I love that stuff I have to say so Richard Spencer is for Joe Biden he announced on twitter. Do. What Richard Spencer he's a Richard Spencer was or is a Neo Nazi Involved I believe he was one of the speakers at the unite the right rally. He's one of the main. He's one of the one of the top white nationalist speakers in the country, and he's famously on that video from a few years ago where he's giving an interview in somebody runs up and punches him in the face. Well just like in the days of Stalin, and Hitler the Communist and the Nazis have united again with Richard. Spencer going over the Joe Biden camp well, the Nazis and the Communists only had one difference nationalism internationalism and they. They worked hand in hand for a very long time. Yes. You could say that with communists they said the government should actually own corporations whereas with the fascist they said, the corporations had to cooperate government. Both. Our leaders were totalitarian dictators using their ideologies to cost. For the soldiers yes. So we'll see if Joe Biden will see if he yes, he was. He was a big player in the unite the right rally in the aftermath and we'll see if Joe Biden denounced denounce him if media ask him to denounce him. I gotTa say if you don't see that how race is being used as a weapon I mean I've got to first of all. Races being used I read a book and in the Mid Twentieth from the Mid Twentieth Century about the UN peace from the wonderful people who brought you. Korea and Vietnam you probably won't be able to find out if you try to find I'd have to find for you but he just talks about how race is the weapon and they can they're going to use raise to destroy everything that. People would defend keeps people together whatever I'm not. I'M NOT PROMOTING The opposite I'm just saying it's a weapon regardless of the merits, and of course, any argument has to have merits in order to get followers to be able to exploit. You have to have that and it does. But right now it's being used for stuff that's completely irrelevant to race including destroying the past under the guise of destroying the history of slavery which you can't. It's you you want to be reminded of it so you don't repeat it the. Nationalizing the police at least make no under federal control and he pays the Piper so far locally fund the federally. That's what the second part of that slogan really is, and then the elections see elections are going to be in play they're going to say they have to be federal I'm sure it's going to be a blue red thing that with the post office will slow walk in the soup they'll be accused of slow walking in the blue states whatever. and. An ask for the riots I have to say, I was pretty surprised or at least not surprised in a sad way when I saw picture on the front on the homepage of Fox of a dealership with all the cars burning. Now let me ask you basically could you light a car on Firoz last time he saw every single vehicle crash. I can't recall seeing one person that Michael Hastings thing not even in person. But like Michael Hastings crashed into whether he did it himself or not crashed into a tree actually went and looked at the tree while it was still charred. So, fast so hard that the car burst into flames and Mercedes said, our cars do not do that. You can't do that and they took great pains auto industry over the years. To. Keep that from happening. So I see. I only saw pictures from one dealership, but they said all over Wisconsin car dealerships were burning. The cars were burning the video I saw. There's just they. They were doing funny business to get the cars to burn and I think you might even have had to have had access to the inside of the car under the hood and many cars were burning there. No firemen there. This was all in Kenosha Wisconsin or elsewhere in Wisconsin. Maybe. But for sure in. Wisconsin. And it was all based on a cop shooting a Guy Jacob Blake I think his name was as he walks away from them unarmed went into a car and as he was getting into the car, a cop was behind him and shot him like eight times I mean whatever. But it was very blurry. It was far away. It wasn't a body camera is nothing. As a as a person from. WHO's looking? WHO's a skeptic? I look at that picture and I say I'm assuming that he went in there and got a big Ascott and turned around was gonNA shoot the cop but I don't know because we're behind the door juxtapose that with the Anthony McLean video where one of the COP who shot him his body cameras off Gimme a break at a Pasadena the. Guy was running away and they shot him in the back dead and you there's not one mention of that on national media not one and that one is the one that everybody would agree on who the robberies and the other one is vague when that would be divisive right so I, don't know if it's and the people who want to stop cop violence against black people. Are the ones who should want unambiguous murder. One but I don't know if it's simply the art of ambiguity at work or. Because Pasadena has protocols that are the national protocols that they're working on. Transparency reporting releasing the video. So they going through all this process nothing will happen to that cop zero but the processes in place, which is such a it's exactly what happened to our schools. Our kids schools is that they're so fixated on process that outcomes don't matter at all. I think that speaks to the way that the George. Floyd. Case Roll roll out in that everybody agreed that George, Floyd should not have died. Nobody looked at that video of the cop with his neck on the and was like, okay with that everybody thought that that was terrible and despite that agreement when the protesters went out, they started looting and started writing and that became the point of division, the looting and the writing because everybody agreed that they know nobody was supporting the police officer who put the knee on the neck of George Floyd. So they made the issue about whether or not you're protesting or writing. So we weren't fighting over this the actual merits of what went what happened we're fighting over the tactics used to protest it. So they shifted it because it was to everybody agreed too much division they keep feeding that because. One of the tweets somebody's forwarded to me was..

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