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Biden was certainly happy with the surprising jobs numbers out on Friday and he used the occasion to town how well the country is doing America's job machine is going stronger than ever Fueling a strong recovery and opportunity for hardworking women and men all across this great country America is back to work For their take on whether the administration can refocus its message we welcome now Bloomberg political contributors Rick Davis of stone court capital and Genie Shandong college You know let me start with you We watched President Biden on Friday Please happy with these numbers He didn't limit himself to jobs though He basically did a tour of his entire economic view of the world there What are they trying to do to get a message across the American people but maybe these are people haven't gotten yet Well you know you're so right because there we thought he was going to talk about the surprising job numbers and he took us from top to bottom about everything his administration is done Friday was a very good day for him He had a good week last week and prior to that he had the GDP So we see the administration trying to focus American voters on all the positive numbers that are coming out and to sort of turn them away from some of the negatives like the very high cost of home buying and the low number of homes available The certainly inflation issue And when they go to the grocery store all those things that people are seeing day to day the administration's going to try not to focus on those and instead to focus on the really good things that have happened under Joe Biden He was very clear to say you've never seen such job growth because it's not happened in 40 plus years and he's right about that Complete with a bar chart That's all the information So Rick Davis one of the things I have learned you've known for an awful long time is it's important to listen to what people don't say is what they say He talked about child care various things on Friday He never mentioned Bill back better Didn't use the words Never mention Bill back better He never really got into the inflation story They're trying to present the positive view And look I get that He got something that he didn't think he was going to get a good jobs report And he wanted to do a little bit of victory lap But this is one of the angriest voting populations I've ever seen going into either a general election or midterm Over 70% of the public say that the country's on the wrong track and most of them blame Joe Biden for that And they're all unhappy with the economy So at some point he's going to have to address the issues that are driving people to the negativity Yeah and just to follow up on that I was going to say the critical component of this of course is addressing the pandemic That has been the root cause of inflation That has been what the administration promised to handle when they came in So he's going to have to keep his eye on that He got very good numbers on that last week And he's going to have to then also focus on this competitiveness Bill that's come out of the house and is stuck in the Senate right now And to try to address some of the bottlenecks in the supply chain So I think the administration is on the right track here but he does have a long way to go And of course all of this driving down his ratings which are critically important to what happens in November Well I wonder Rick the ratings depend how much on just picking winners rather than picking losers because the Biden administration thus far has picked some pretty notorious losers not things that maybe shouldn't have been done but that didn't have a chance of getting done I mean do you remember wake back to the summer and the justice and policing act And well that was priority one didn't get done The election reform priority one we're going to go down to Atlanta and talk about didn't get done How does he pick some winners that he can say whether they're big or small or indifferent there's something I actually got done You know they need to let Joe Biden be Joe Biden You know the winners in his administration have been the bipartisan legislation has come out on things like infrastructure reform I mean he could campaign on that just regardless of anything else between now and election day and actually have a much better chance of reaching those all important voters who are working class voters and the experts of cities all around the country Without them he is not going to be able to retain Congress in the Democratic Party So he's got a job to do He needs to listen to his own positive angels not let the party get split and taken down the left field by the progressives And if he does that he's got a shot on goal If he doesn't he might as well just take a vacation for the next 8 months Yeah and to follow up on what Rick is talking about I think the critical things here are the pandemic inflation and of course Donald Trump The more they can keep Donald Trump being Donald Trump the better it's going to be for the Democrats So they handle inflation and the pandemic get those under control Donald Trump keeps talking in the RNC keeps being split And that's something that's going to help the Democrats They historically should lose at least 26 if not more seats in the House but that can be buttressed like it was with the two Senate seats in Georgia in 2020 if Donald Trump keeps talking in the RNC as it split as we saw late last week But Rick brings me back to my question basically what can they control what they can't When it comes to Donald Trump they can't keep him in the corner I think it's fair to say he won't do that The pandemic could go different ways They don't have a lot of control over that What can they control You know if I were Joe Biden I'd be looking at a few things that he's already done You know he said he was going to get out on the road and talk about this infrastructure Bill And he's made one trip I would do it at 5 days a week I think that they need to get this budget squirreled away That's going to be a bipartisan agreement that comes out of Congress that he can sign That'll be a good thing It'll be his budget for the first time in a year of his administration And I think things like the China competitiveness Bill which is bipartisan he consigned and make a big deal about the fact that he's trying to fix the supply chain And all these important semiconductors So there are things still left on the agenda but it's not the liberal left agenda It's the centrist Joe Biden agenda and he's needs a focus on that He needs to give aid to the Democrats on the hill or trying to cut deals with Republicans And he's really going to need a very good confirmation of a Supreme Court Justice If that gets bogged down there's no hope Okay thanks so much to Rick Davis and genius and I'm delighted to be back with us toward the end of the program to talk about those midterms 2022 But in the meantime we're going to talk about deals 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