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She even ran unsuccessfully for European parliament in one thousand nine hundred nine, but despite the fact that her last onscreen appearance came in nineteen Ninety-seven she has remained a fixture of international headlines over the past twenty years into her eighties nineties. Gina would stay with her. First husband throughout the bulk of her movie stardom, though, she would say the marriage had functionally ended years before she announced their separation in nineteen sixty six and obtained an Italian divorce in nineteen seventy one just a few months after the practice was legalized in that Catholic country in nineteen Eighty-four when she was fifty seven she went to a party in Monaco and met eight twenty three year old man named havi air regale Gina later admitted. I have always had a weakness for young men. The pair began dating. In fact, according to some news reports they dated for twenty two years before announcing their engagement, and then according to Gina they were engaged for only two months before calling the whole thing. Off later. Gina would clarify her side of the story. She claimed she had only been involved with rebel for two years beginning in two thousand four and that when Rigo decided to lie about the lanes of their involvement. She didn't protest and yet. There are images of the pair together on Getty. Dating back as far as two thousand one in two thousand ten Lollobrigida and regale were married in Barcelona. There were eight witnesses in attendance. But Gina Lollobrigida says she wasn't there. She claims she didn't even know about the wedding. And that it preceded with a proxy in her place. Regale would say that she did in fact know about the wedding and the proxy and had signed documents approving it and that the couple had wanted to get married in this. Extremely unconventional fashion in order to avoid media attention when Gina did discover the wedding. She claims she filed a lawsuit against her husband for committing fraud. The pair have continued to sue one another for years in two thousand fifteen with the situation still very much unresolved Gina vowed to Vanity Fair, I will destroy the son of a bitch, eventually Gina's adult son became worried that his mother was not totally sound mind. And in two thousand fourteen petitioned in talian court to assign an administrator to take over power of attorney over Gina's finances. At the time. The eighty seven year old Lolo was living with a twenty seven year old male assistant slash manager, named Andrea Piazzolla the star believed her son was trying to prevent her from giving any of her money to her new young friend slash employees. Who she insisted was the best person. I have ever found in my life until now. The Italian court decided that Gina Lollobrigida was of sound mind, and that an administrator was unnecessary. But a court ruled against Lollobrigida in the gal case in two thousand seventeen the most recent interview, I could find with Gina published in September two thousand eighteen in the Italian daily newspaper, the Corriere della Serra includes much fiery commentary on all of these matters. She insisted that the rebel marriage was a sham and that the courts would soon side with her appeal. She conducted this interview accompanied by Andrea he has Ola who made sure she didn't say too much about regale. She was scheduled for a major TV interview that same week, but was rushed to the hospital after a fall at home left her with a bloody nose. Luckily, she was reported to have said blood from the nose is blessing. This concludes our many season on the peripheral stories of seduction sex lies and stardom in Howard Hughes's Hollywood. We'll be back soon with the continuation of our season fact checking Hollywood Babylon join us, then won't you? Thanks for listening to you must remember. This. Today's episode was written narrated and produced by Karina Longworth. That's me. Our editor is a Livia NAT our research and production assistant is Lindsay Schoenholtz. Our social media

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